Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Sydney’s South

Our values, skill and commitment are dedicated to every patient safely receiving outstanding care and results.

Dr Amira Sanki

Dr Amira Sanki is an experienced female plastic surgeon with special interests in facial and body contouring, particularly after massive weight loss.
MED0001186186 Registered medical practitioner, specialist plastic surgeon (specialist registration in surgery- plastic surgery)

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Dr Ilias Kotronakis

Dr Ilias Kotronakis is a highly respected plastic surgeon with a special interest in aesthetic reconstructive surgery for patients who have suffered from cancer or an injury.
MED0001182552 Registered medical practitioner, specialist plastic surgeon (specialist registration in surgery- plastic surgery)

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Dr Ania Smialkowski

Dr Ania Smialkowski is a specialist plastic surgeon at Southern Aesthetic. She has a special interest in aesthetic surgery of the breast and body for women, and general plastic reconstructive surgery.
MED0001668109 Registered medical practitioner, specialist plastic surgeon (specialist registration in surgery- plastic surgery)

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Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery aims to offer the best-possible plastic surgery experience to patients in Sydney’s South and the The Shire.

At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery clinic, our team of plastic surgeons in Sydney’s East and South aim to deliver exceptional quality in their work to give you a positive and supported surgical experience.

Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery provides the highest level of plastic and cosmetic surgery expertise to Sydney’s South and the Shire. Our doctors, Dr Ilias Kotronakis and Dr Amira Sanki, are fully-qualified specialist Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons with the highest credentials available.

The philosophy of Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is to treat patients with the greatest respect and sensitivity in their lead up to and recovery from surgery. Our plastic surgeons are all highly-qualified and highly-regarded, all of whom are committed to excellence in what they do.

Above all, all of us at the Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic are committed to ensuring you receive the highest standards of care from plastic surgeons in Sydney and the Shire. Every effort is made to make sure that your result is beautiful and natural, and that your treatment experience is satisfying and efficient.

Plastic surgery is a broad specialty that focuses on using the finest surgical techniques to restore and enhance the face and body. It encompasses cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body, breast reconstruction, skin cancer surgery, microsurgery and hand surgery. Our team’s broad experience means that your surgeons will have the confidence and ability to treat you with the most sophisticated techniques for the best results.

While the spectrum of plastic surgery extends from wrinkle injections to cosmetic surgery to extensive reconstructive surgery, at Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery the approach to each patient is the same: to treat with the utmost care and to achieve the best-possible outcome from our plastic surgeons in Sydney and the Shire.



Plastic surgery can help to improve the size, shape and symmetry of your breasts

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Plastic surgery of the face, neck and eyelids can help address the signs of ageing.

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Plastic surgery to the tummy, back, arms and thighs can remove loose skin and excess fat to possibly improve the shape of your body.

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Non Surgical

Office treatments to achieve facials rejuvenation using skin care, peels and injectables

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