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August 2018

5 benefits of a tummy tuck

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A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, might sound like a drastic way to reclaim your old body – or even get the body you have never had. Going ahead with surgery is a simple calculation of making sure the benefits of the procedure outweigh its potential disadvantages. Here are five benefits of a tummy tuck, as described by my patients after their tummy tuck procedures.

A tummy tuck flattens your tummy.

Do people ask you how many months pregnant you are? Does your tummy bulge through your clothing? This may be due to separation of your rectus abdominus muscles. The muscles split to allow your baby and uterus to grow during pregnancy. But after multiple babies – or even one or two big babies – the muscles are irreversibly damaged and stay wide open. One of the benefits of a tummy tuck is that it zips the muscles back to their normal position and pushes your abdominal contents back into your abdomen, where they belong! Which brings me to…

A tummy tuck improves your core strength.

This makes perfect sense. If the muscles are restored back to their normal position, they can finally function again. Other lesser-known benefits of a tummy tuck is that it also shows improvement to other bodily functions. Our muscles have been designed to work together. An Australian clinical trial has also shown that women notice an improvement in their back pain and continence after a tummy tuck.

Your undies won’t slide under your tummy roll.

You know the look: you see a woman discreetly sneak her hand to the elastic band of her underpants and slip her tummy back into her nanna pants.
We all like to be held in. We wear Spanx, Nancy Ganz and compression pantyhose to hold our skin down so we can’t feel it flopping about. Other benefits of a tummy tuck are that the procedure gets rid of excess skin from pregnancy and weight loss, so that you won’t need to squeeze yourself back into compression gear.

The scar is neatly hidden beneath your panty line.

Worried about judgment? No-one even needs to know that you’ve had a tummy tuck as the scar will be completely hidden – under even skimpy clothing! How you scar will depend on your genetic history. If your other scars are nice, fine lines then your tummy tuck scar will also hopefully heal well, too.

Your work and family will cope while you are healing.

Many women feel selfish having elective plastic surgery. Finding the right time in your life to have surgery and arranging for others to help manage your family are the two most difficult aspects of planning a tummy tuck operation. Amazingly, partners and children do cope while Mum is out of action. In fact, most women are happily surprised how much support their family and friends give them. It is not selfish to have surgery to improve your wellbeing. You are the important core of your family. If you are happy and healthy, then your family is happy as well.

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