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Four reasons why women get breast augmentation surgery

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Breast augmentation surgery involves the enhancement of the natural breast my placing an implant behind the breast tissue. What was once a somewhat taboo procedure is now becoming more and more common in today’s society. There are many different reasons for why women get breast augmentation surgery, each as valid as the next.

Here are four common reasons why women choose to get breast implants.

  1. To reclaim their pre-pregnancy breasts

It’s no secret that pregnancy changes your body. Once you fall pregnant, it’s normal for your breasts to change shape, size and feel. After years of pregnancy and breastfeeding children, many women are left with stretch marks, sagging skin, a loss in breast density and an increase in lumps and bumps. While it’s normal to experience these changes, it’s also normal to feel self-conscious about them. That’s where breast augmentation surgery can help. Breast implants will help give shape and density back to your breasts, as well as lifting them higher on your chest – back where they belong.

  1. To restore their breasts following breast cancer

One way many women treat or prevent breast cancer is through undergoing a mastectomy. This is the procedure whereby one or both of the breasts are removed – either partially or completely – to prevent the spread or development of cancer cells. As great as it is to beat cancer, it’s common to feel a sense of sadness and loss following a mastectomy. Restoring your breasts to their pre-cancer state is another reason why women get breast augmentation surgery. This is one solution to overcoming this emotional time in their lives and close the chapter on their battle with cancer.

  1. To repair their breasts after weight loss

While weight loss has many health benefits, one of its few detriments is that it often leaves women with excess skin and saggy breasts. The chest is one area where fat deposits are stored, so when you lose weight – especially when you lose a lot of weight – it’s normal for your breasts to lose shape and density. Luckily, breast implants and a breast lift will fix that right up!

  1. To feel confident

Not all of us were born happy with our breasts. Many people feel having breasts is an intrinsic part of being a woman, and having small, uneven or misshaped breasts can take a huge toll on your self-esteem. From not being able to fill out clothes properly to feeling too self-conscious to date, being unhappy with your natural breasts can affect your day-to-day life in a variety of ways. Overcoming these challenges is another reason why women get breast augmentation surgery. Enhancing and lifting your natural breasts can be liberating in many ways, with many clients reporting feeling more confident and feminine post-surgery.

For more information about breast augmentation surgery, get in touch with Dr. Amira Sanki at Southern Aesthetic. Call or email us to book in your consultation today.

Five brilliant benefits of breast reduction surgery

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Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common procedures that I perform and the procedure that my training plastic surgery registrars ask about most. Why? Because there are so many benefits of breast reduction surgery. At Southern Aesthetic, my team and I get our patients great results by lifting the breast, removing its unnecessary weight and reshaping it to get a prettier, more youthful look.

Why do patients and plastic surgeons LOVE breast reductions? Here are five great reasons.

  1. A breast reduction reduces the weight of your breast.

I know this sounds obvious, but one of the biggest benefits of breast reduction surgery is the removal of weight from the breasts. In my experience, most women have 300-1000g removed from EACH breast during surgery. Have you ever thought that you might be carrying an unnecessary kilo on your chest for the past few decades? Once removed, you will immediately feel lighter. In fact, even my anaesthetist notices a change in our patient’s ventilation pressures during their surgery after the weight has been removed.

  1. A breast reduction lifts the breasts.

Few women are fortunate enough to have large AND perky breasts. Most of the time, the weight of the breast tissue drags the breast skin and nipple down with gravity. Another of the many benefits of breast reduction surgery is that it lifts the breasts higher on the chest. A breast reduction is designed to raise the nipple into a higher position, as well as removing all the low-hanging breast tissue.

  1. A breast reduction produces long lasting results.

While breast production surgery won’t stop your breasts from sagging and aging naturally, since they are no longer as heavy as they once were, they are unlikely to ever go back to their old shape. Women who plan not to change weight or have more children will find that their result has good longevity.

  1. No one will be aware that you’ve had a breast reduction (unless you tell them!)

One of the social benefits of breast reduction surgery is that you don’t have to tell anyone – or explain to anyone – why you’ve opted to have the surgery. Unlike other types of cosmetic procedures, it’s hard to tell that you’ve actually had a breast reduction – although many people will tell you that you look great.

Most of my patients report that people keep asking them if they have lost weight, started going to the gym or have just had a holiday. After a breast reduction, your friends and family will be more aware of the balance in your shoulder-waist-hip ratio.

  1. Breast reduction surgery reduces the relative risk ratio of breast cancer by 2.2!

One of the little-known benefits of breast reduction surgery is that it’ll reduce your risk of getting breast cancer. While this doesn’t mean that you’ll avoid getting breast cancer, there will be less breast tissue that can potentially transform into a breast cancer. Please note that women who have had breast reduction surgery still need to get mammograms every two years.

 For more information about the benefits of breast reduction surgery, get in touch with Dr. Amira Sanki at Southern Aesthetic. Call or email us today to book in your consultation!

Completing your weight loss journey with body contouring sugery

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Wow. You did it. You got motivated and had a gastric sleeve, band or bypass. You saw dieticians and psychologists and personal trainers. You blogged about your journey. The receptionist at the doctor’s rooms knows your entire family history because you see her more than you see your friends.  You dragged your family through the surgery, the fasting, the exercising. And you’re finally done.

You constantly flick through your phone. Staring. Amazed. Was that really me? Your photos and old clothes are the only evidence you have of being large. Huge. Morbidly obese. You’re not morbid anymore. You’re full of life and energy. It makes you smile when people don’t recognize you.
But then they say something that takes all the joy away. You look gaunt. You look too thin. You pack your folds of skin into your spanks and underpants. You strap your skin up so it doesn’t bounce when you exercise. Your arms are a size 16, but your waist is a size 10. You go online to hear reassurance from your Facebook friends that it was still worth it. You are healthy but unhappy.
This is an incredibly common experience that people have once they’ve undergone extreme weight loss. It’s often an emotional and confusing time, as you may have many unexpected consequences that you find yourself facing.
One solution that many of my patients opt for is body contouring surgery.
Body contouring surgery is the final step in the massive weight loss journey. I really enjoy these consultations as my patients are filled with dread and concern about their body, and I provide them with information and reassurance about the predictable results we can achieve.

What is body contouring surgery?

Body contouring surgery encompasses plastic surgery procedures on the arms, chest, breasts, tummy and thighs to remove excess skin and artfully mould the remaining skin and fat into a feminine shape. The goal of the surgery is to achieve a fit and healthy appearance.

How do patients feel after their body contouring surgery?

Our patients describe that after their body contouring surgery, they feel confident for the first time in their lives. They are able to buy clothing that fits comfortably and beautifully. I receive photos every week from my patients in slinky dresses and revealing bikinis showing how transformed they are by their surgery.

There are many physical benefits to body contouring as well. Heavy residual skin folds gather a lot of bacteria and can lead to “panniculitis” or skin and fat infections. Over time, the skin fold can also chronically gather fluid and become very heavy.

What kind of body contouring procedures do I need?

Most patients that lose around 30kgs often only require an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Patients that lose over 45kgs, usually require multiple operations. These are staged into 4 to 6 hour segments to minimize the patient’s complications from the anaesthetic and from lying still for too long.

The usual sequence of procedures are a tummy tuck and augmentation, mastopexy (breast implant and breast lift), followed by arm lift and thigh lift. Many patients forget that their face has also aged a lot after their weight loss. A face and neck lift is the best method to deal with facial hollowing and neck skin excess.

What if I’m not sure about body contouring?

Making an appointment to talk about surgical and non-surgical alternatives to help improve your body does not necessarily commit you to going ahead with these procedures. An appointment is a great first step to get a proper body assessment to help determine if plastic surgery is a good option, and also to find out more about the expectations, risks and alternatives of body contouring procedures.

For more information about body contouring surgery, get in touch with Dr. Amira Sanki at Southern Aesthetic. Call or email us today to book in your commitment-free consultation.