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April 2020

Five breast lift benefits you really need to know about

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Breast lift surgery, properly known as mastopexy, is one of the most common aesthetic surgery practices of all. And yet, despite it being so common, it’s also a mystery to many: what are the breast lift benefits, and why would a woman want to get one? There’s actually many ways that a breast lift benefits a woman, and these include:

  1. It helps a woman after weight loss or breast feeding

The main purpose of a breast lift operation is to reshape and tighten the breast contour by removing excess skin. It also lifts the nipple into a higher position. Many women find themselves uncomfortable with the shape of their breasts after going through breast feeding or weight loss, and this operation is particularly beneficial to them in helping them regain self confidence and comfort with their bodies.

2. It doesn’t involve a change in breast size

Many women who are happy with the size of the breasts don’t want to get implants, which would lead to additional weight on the chest and pressure on the body. At the same time, they’re not in physical discomfort and don’t need to consider a decrease in breast size a medical priority. For these women, a breast lift operation is the ideal way to go, as it doesn’t fundamentally change the size of the breast, and therefore won’t affect the lifestyle of the individual.

3. It can help to address uneven breasts

Women who have breasts that are unevenly shaped – with one lower than the other – can face everyday challenges around clothing fit, as well as an insecurity about their figure. Breast lift procedures are a low-risk and natural way to address this concern that won’t involve implants or other unnatural materials being placed into the body.

4. Reduced under-breast irritation

Breast that are particularly low-sitting, can cause irritation to the fold of the skin that sits underneath the breasts. The result is chafing which can frequently result in rashes or skin redness. So, not only does the woman have perkier “higher” breasts to look forward to, but the day-to-day discomfort caused by the shape is eliminated completely.

5. It helps you look younger

One of the more visible signs of aging can be seen in the breasts, with a natural lowering over time. Through a breast lift procedure, a woman can maintain a youthful appearance, which again helps with self confidence and comfort.

Are there any downside to these breast lift benefits?

As with any operation there are some risks, which your plastic surgeon will talk you through. This is considered to be a very low risk operation, however, as it involves nothing unnatural and simply the removal of skin and reshaping of existing breast.

If you need more information on breast lists, contact our team today. Our all-woman staff are understanding and sensitive to your needs and concerns, and we’ll get the conversation started immediately.

What is body contouring?

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You may have heard this term floating around social media – it’s proving particularly popular with influencers and celebrities: body contouring. But what is body contouring, exactly, and why is it worth knowing about?

Body contouring refers to a range of different aesthetic (or “cosmetic”) surgical procedures that aim to improve the body’s appearance by modifying its size and shape. There’s no real limit to what you can conduct body contouring on, but most patients look to contour the following areas:

  • Waist
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Upper torso
  • Upper arms

As the procedure can vary depending on the area being worked on, what’s actually involved in body contouring can vary drastically from one procedure to the next, however it commonly involves removal of fat and excess skin, as well as the implementation of surgical implants.

What is body contouring good for?

While body contouring is considered aesthetic surgery, there are any number of health benefits that people also derive from procedures, including:

  • The correction of difficulties and discomfort in walking and exercising
  • An improvement in posture
  • The reduction of back and shoulder pain
  • An improvement in personal hygiene (for example, by removing issues associated with the accumulation of sweat and difficulty reaching areas to clean
  • Improved self esteem

For many patients, body contouring is an important first step towards a healthier lifestyle. For many one of the greatest difficulties in taking up exercise is the extreme discomfort that excess skin can cause. Body contouring is an ideal solution to that challenge.

Are there risks with body contouring?

As with any surgical procedure there are risks with body contouring that you should discuss with your plastic surgeon ahead of making any decision. One of the main risks is that a general anaesthetic will be required for most body contouring procedures.

Other risks that patients should be aware of and discuss ahead of time range from minor to major, and include:

  • Bruising and swelling
  • A blood clot, leading to heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or stroke
  • Allergic reaction to the sutures, dressings, or antiseptic solutions used in the procedure
  • Scarring, including keloid and hypertrophic scars which can be irritating and itchy, though not life-threatening
  • Complications associated with slow healing

With this being said, body contouring is considered to be a relatively safe medical procedure and complications are uncommon, or highly manageable.

What is body contouring priced at?

Because each body contouring procedure will depend on the individual and what they are looking to get done, it’s difficult to provide even general guidance to what a body contouring procedure will cost. Factors that will affect the price include:

  • The surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital surgical facility costs
  • Fees for the use of anaesthetic
  • Any medication prescriptions
  • Medical tests
  • Any costs associated with a hospital stay

As this is plastic surgery, it will not be covered by public healthcare (Medicare). Your private insurance policy might include a provision for aesthetic surgery.

Again, your surgeon will discuss the cost of the procedure well in advance so there won’t be any “bill shock” after the procedure.

If you have any further questions about body contouring, what’s involved, and whether it’s right for your personal goals, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with our friendly team. We’ll be able to answer any questions that you have and get you started on the way to an entirely new-look you.

Coronavirus & your plastic surgery

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As the health system has adjusted to life with coronavirus, our practice has evolved daily to safely provide the highest standards of care for our plastic surgery patients. Here is a guide to some of the changes we have made so that our existing patients can continue to be fully supported and our future patients can plan their surgical options.

New patients: To divert medical resources to controlling the COVID-19 virus, the NSW government has asked all plastic surgeons to only perform essential surgery. Essential surgery includes emergency procedures such as repairing hand fractures and lacerations in addition to life preserving procedures such as melanoma, squamous cell and basal cell cancer management. Dr Ilias Kotronakis, specialist plastic surgeon, will be operating at St George Private and Kareena private hospitals to help patients requiring essential plastic surgery. New appointments for essential surgery can be organized, as usual, with our receptionists by calling the office on (02) 9588 2494. Our receptionists will then determine whether you are most appropriately seen in person or via a video consultation with Dr Kotronakis.

Dr Amira Sanki is also continuing to consult with new patients. Patients hoping to discuss their options about body contouring, surgery after weight loss, face and necklift surgery and breast surgery, can call Dr Sanki’s coordinator on (02) 9588 2494 to make an appointment. Telehealth and video conferencing are familiar forms of communicating with our patients, as Dr Sanki regularly uses telehealth with her interstate and country patients. Our receptionists will guide you through the process of booking your consultation, emailing standardised photos and setting up your device for a thorough and informative consultation.

Existing patients: All patients who have surgery over the social isolation period will be seen face to face post operatively to check they are healing well. Following this first important consultation with your surgeon, ongoing follow up will be done via the telephone, email and video conferencing. You are very welcome to present to the office for a face to face consultation if your surgeon is concerned about your progress. 

COVID-19 safety within the office: We have put numerous safety measures in place to make your visit to Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as smooth and reassuring as possible. Please do not present to your appointment if you are experiencing upper respiratory symptoms, a fever or if you have been in contact with someone ill in the past 14 days. This is for the safety of our other patients and our staff. When you present to the office, you will be asked to use alcohol hand rub before completing a registration form with a clean pen. We ask that all patients present alone. We can organize for your supporting family or friends to participate in the consultation via speaker phone. You will be given a mask to wear during your time in the office for your own protection. Unless you are having an essential procedure or the doctor is examining you, we will observe social distancing of at least 1.5m.

Rescheduling elective surgery: Dr Sanki and Dr Kotronakis will be acquiring additional theatre time to expedite the surgery of patients who have been asked to delay their surgery during the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, we are hoping that the NSW fight against Coronavirus will be successfully in control by mid-May. We will be keeping our postponed patients updated by phone and email whenever we receive news from the NSW Health Department. Further updates to all our patients will be made via our Facebook and Instagram pages. Patients hoping to have surgery this year, should still make an appointment to speak with Dr Sanki or Dr Kotronakis as soon as possible, to avoid any disappointments with getting your ideal surgical date.

Non-surgical appointments: Shanne Taylor RN has postponed her appointments until she receives news from the NSW Health Department allowing injectables, peels and skin treatments to recommence.  Both of our skin care ranges, Jan Marini and Southern Aesthetic, can be purchased by calling our rooms. Silicone scar oil, Strataderm, is also available. We can organize delivery of your product to your home. Please do not hesitate to contact our team to get skin care advice while you are in self isolation.

We wish you all good health and hope to see you soon.