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September 2020

Why is there a boom in plastic surgery during Covid?

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Cosmetic surgery clinics have seen a sharp upturn of business in 2020. We examine why this trend occurred, and how long we can expect it to continue.


Plastic surgery usually seems like a big decision to make – one which exists in the back of many people’s minds, but is often put off or postponed. Rarely do people spend so much time looking at themselves that they recognise areas of their appearance which could be improved. But now that Covid-19 and remote work has confined most of us to our own homes, many people have started noticing ways in which their face or body might be given a little boost.

In the Covid era, many of the considerations one would have to make before undertaking plastic surgery have been mitigated or downplayed. Since many employees who are working from home have a more flexible day-to-day schedule compared to the regular 9 to 5, it has been much easier to schedule plastic surgery touch-ups. Furthermore, the embarrassing recovery time is shortened due to people wearing masks outdoors, or choosing to turn their cameras off on videoconferences. Thus, plastic surgery feels like less of a big commitment for many, and this reduced barrier of entry accounts for much of the upturn for the industry.

While plastic surgery should still be considered a luxury, it seems that many people have decided to opt for a cosmetic touch-up in lieu of an overseas vacation, expensive fashion or lavish entertainment this year. With the greater focus on physical appearance placed upon us by platforms such as Zoom and Google Meets, it can be worthwhile to see cosmetic surgery as a boost of confidence – especially for professionals who now effectively need to be staring at their own face reflected back at them through a webcam. While a new outfit or some eye-catching accessories might not have the same impact over a computer monitor, plastic surgery remains an effective way to leave a lasting impression.

These are the reasons why cosmetic surgery has recently experienced a boost in popularity. For the duration that circumstances brought about by Covid continue, and potentially even longer depending on companies’ policies regarding remote work, we can expect to see more and more people opt to undergo a little plastic surgery to improve their appearance.

Should I delay my cosmetic procedure through COVID-19?

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In these uncertain times, there has been an unprecedented demand for cosmetic procedures. Here are some considerations to make regarding cosmetic surgery in 2020.

In 2020, many people are finding themselves with a little extra time and money on their hands, with savings made from everything including clothing, travel and entertainment. As we look towards the latter part of the year, many people are looking towards luxury purchases to treat themselves, including cosmetic surgery. But is it safe to plan a cosmetic procedure, or should it be postponed until Covid is well and truly gone?

To answer the most important question first – yes, NSW health does currently permit all elective surgery, and this includes cosmetic procedures. As long as people opt for cosmetic surgery operating from private, accredited hospitals, customers can be reassured that all premises are sanitised and there is no risk of being exposed to Covid. If you’re not up for walking into a clinic for an assessment, virtual and live consultations are available.

That being said, if you are reading from an area which is currently undergoing an uptick in active Covid cases, it can be a good idea to postpone cosmetic surgery for now, and let local hospitals focus on treating Covid cases. By all means, the safety of your community needs to come first.

But once cases are under control and hospitals have had some relief, the overall public apprehension towards elective surgery poses a new kind of challenge for local clinics. While it’s natural to make these associations, the reality is that in accredited hospitals, there is a comprehensive degree of cleanliness and safety procedures in place. There is no more risk of Covid transmission through elective surgery than there is in other interactions allowed by current NSW law, such as visiting hair salons, gyms or local cafes.

It is rare that people see cosmetic surgery as an urgent procedure, but the prevalence of Zoom calls and video-interviews in the era of Covid has made people more aware of what their facial features communicate to others. It can indeed be stressful to look at your cosmetic imperfections for hours each day in a work-from-home setting. Cosmetic surgery has recently seen a surge of popularity for these reasons, so for those wanting a touch-up, it might be a good idea to book quickly.