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January 2021

Are cosmetic surgery patients more at risk of catching COVID-19?

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Cosmetic surgery clinics are not a significant risk factor for COVID-19 – but it is still important to take care of yourself after receiving cosmetic surgery.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery but are unsure about the risks regarding COVID-19 in Australia, here are our observations which will help you make your decision.

Because plastic surgery is purely elective, we diligently turn away customers if they are unwell. Before seeing a female plastic surgeon Sydney locals must pass standard health checks and prove they are of good health before we will book them into any procedure. Naturally, we apply this same rigorous approach to our in-house staff too. For this reason, it is highly unlikely that a cosmetic surgery clinic itself will become a hazard for contracting COVID-19.

When it comes to precautions for COVID-19 cosmetic surgery, our outlets have taken the utmost care to sanitise surfaces and equipment between patients and procedures. All treatment rooms are thoroughly cleaned so that there is no chance of pathogens lingering anywhere, and we have been undertaking this safety precaution from even before the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to our multiple lines of defence, the risk factor is extremely low.

The one concern regarding COVID-19 cosmetic surgery recipients should be aware of is that after more involved procedures, the body’s natural immunity can be suppressed. We recommend a few days of recovery time, sometimes requiring a night’s stay in the hospital, before returning to your day-to-day activities. In this time, individuals may experience exhaustion, and swelling or bruising around the touched-up area. These effects are temporary and will go away with adequate recuperation. We recommend taking some time off work in order to give your body the time it needs to get back up to strength – and many of our clients find that work-from-home arrangements have made it easier for them to slot a quick treatment into their weekly or monthly plan.

In the case that individuals who have undergone plastic surgery decide to return to face-to-face work or other strenuous or social activities before they are fully recovered, this may be a risk factor in the case that COVID-19 pathogens are present. With adequate rest and isolation after a cosmetic surgery procedure as per your practitioner’s recommendation however, there is no risk to personal health.

When searching for a female plastic surgeon Sydney locals trust, be sure to consider your own personal health, both for your own sake, and the sake of others. Although it is unlikely that COVID-19 will re-emerge throughout Sydney due to NSW Health’s control of the virus, your cooperation is of great assistance to ensuring that healthy Australians can go about their daily lives without fear of becoming ill.

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How long will my recovery time be?

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If you are planning to undergo plastic surgery, you should be aware that there is usually a period of recovery in which strenuous activities should be avoided.

When planning to visit a plastic surgeon, shire residents should plan around the associated recovery times with the desired treatment. Depending on various factors, such as whether general anaesthetic is used, what areas of the body are affected, and each body’s own immune responses, it can take up to 6 weeks to return to full health after undergoing cosmetic surgery. This is why we highly recommend communicating with your healthcare professional about recovery times, and following guidelines to ensure that your body is able to efficiently recover from the stresses which any surgery may cause.

For surgeries involving general anaesthesia, the body’s natural response is to feel groggy, akin to a hangover. In this period you will not be able to drive or operate machinery safely, so our staff will sometimes recommend a night in hospital or under trusted care while we help you manage any pain.

Immediately after surgery, your plastic surgeon will provide pain relief. Usually in the first day or two this will be a strong course, and after that an over-the-counter pain relief medication will suffice. Because every woman’s body is different however, our staff will listen carefully to your personal experiences and take utmost care to make sure you are comfortable and reassured while you recover. This is why we always schedule regular check-ups after surgery to monitor your progress and keep everything on the right track.

After receiving any surgery, we do not recommend going back to work, but instead taking some time off to fully rest while your body and immune system recuperates. When recovering from more involved procedures such as breast lift surgery Sydney workers should be able to return in a work-from-home capacity on the second week, at which point you will likely be at your normal level of alertness. Our staff can design a comfort plan depending on your body, prior health conditions and your daily routine, to ensure that you are recovering at a standard rate.

For smaller procedures such as eyelid surgery, nose jobs or other touch-ups which take two hours or less, the expected recovery time is one week. Even if you’re eager to show off the new you, it’ll be best to let your body adjust first. Anything requiring 3 hours or more – such as a tummy tuck, breast reduction, thigh lift, arm lift or face lift – will require a recovery period of 3 weeks or more.

Here are some more common questions we receive:

  • Is swelling or bruising normal?

Yes, swelling is common around affected areas – this is the body’s normal response, and it will go away with time. Swelling or bruises tend to be local, so wearing a mask can easily cover up these temporary blemishes.

  • Should I avoid strenuous exercise after surgery?

Yes – the body will not be truly ready for exercise such as cardio, weights or resistance training for six weeks. Trying to do these activities earlier can significantly slow down recovery time and put you at risk of health complications. Be sure to take this time to properly rest instead.

  • Can I travel by aeroplane after surgery?

You are able to travel by aeroplane after following up with your doctor one week after surgery. Make sure you are not scheduling flights immediately after receiving a treatment.

When searching for breast lift surgery Sydney residents should opt for the plastic surgeon the shire locals trust. We establish plans tailored to your preferences and body type so that you can enjoy a rapid and restful recovery.

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How To Talk To Your Cosmetic Surgeon Before Your Procedure

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There are many reasons that people want to get cosmetic surgery, for both health and wellness reasons. However, there are certain questions you will want to ask your cosmetic surgeon about prior to having any work done. Not only do these questions ensure that you feel comfortable going into the procedure, but they will make sure you are working with a qualified surgeon like the ones that at Southern Aesthetic.

Here are five subjects that you should talk to your cosmetic surgeon about:

1) How often do you perform the procedure that I want done?

It’s important that you find the right surgeon for your needs. Finding an experienced surgeon that knows how to perform the procedure you are having done is key. After all, cosmetic surgery offers up a wide range of procedures and you will want someone that has worked with many different body types and knows up-to-date techniques. Have the surgeon show you before and after photos to get a sense of their style and if it is consistent with what you are seeking.

2) Will any of my medical conditions have an impact on the surgery?

You should always be open and honest with your surgeon at Southern Aesthetic as they have your best interests in mind. That’s why you should present to the consultation with a referral from your local doctor. The more information we have available will help ensure that your procedure goes smoothly, and we are able to cater it towards your specific needs.

3) What type of anaesthesia will I receive for my procedure?

The vast majority of cosmetic surgery procedures require a general anaesthetic and are administered by a qualified specialist anaesthetist in a fully licensed private hospital facility.

4) How expensive will the procedure be in total?

One of the biggest hurdles in getting cosmetic surgery done is price. That’s why we are upfront and honest about what the total cost will be at Southern Aesthetic. Our staff will carefully go through the surgical, anaesthetic, hospital and medical device eg implant quote with you verbally and in writing. Make sure you go over how much your procedure will cost, so that you are able to afford it and won’t be surprised later on. Quotes for surgery are better given after meeting with you so that our surgeons can make a closer estimate of operation duration and complexity.

5) How long will my recovery take after the procedure is done?

Having the actual cosmetic surgery done is just one step of the overall process. Every surgery also has a required recovery time, where you will likely have to take time off from work and other aspects of your daily regimen. Ask your surgeon how long it will take, so that way you can be prepared no matter if it’s just a few days or even as long as a few weeks. Your surgeon will also be able to walk you through what limitations you will have, such as being unable to lift heavy objects. If any of these limitations are an issue, you can always postpone a surgery to a better time or ask Southern Aesthetic about alternative surgeries with a shorter recovery time.