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Plastic Surgery During Covid-19 November 2021

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As the health system has adjusted to life with coronavirus, our practice has evolved daily to safely provide the highest standards of care for our plastic surgery patients. Here is a guide to the current COVID recommendations to our new and existing plastic surgery patients in Sydney.

New patients: New appointments for surgery can be organised, as usual, with our receptionists by calling the office on (02) 9588 2494. Patients who would prefer to have a video consultation will be guided through our online connection process. All procedures are being performed in the public and private hospital systems as per normal. Individual hospitals will contact you about the extra precautions eg a current negative covid swab or evidence of double vaccination, as required.

Existing patients: All patients who have had surgery will be seen face to face post operatively to check they are healing well. We kindly ask that you check in upon arrival and defer your appointment if you have any flu-like symptoms.

COVID-19 safety within the office: The Southern Aesthetic team are vaccinated. We have put numerous safety measures in place to make your visit to Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as smooth and reassuring as possible. Please do not present to your appointment if you are experiencing upper respiratory symptoms, headache, a fever or if you have been in contact with someone ill in the past 14 days. This is for the safety of our other patients and our staff. When you present to the office, you will be asked to check in and use alcohol hand rub before completing a registration form with a clean pen. We ask that all patients present to their appointment alone if possible. We can organise for your supporting family or friends to participate in the consultation via speaker phone. You will be given a mask to wear during your time in the office for your own protection.

Does my vaccination status have to be effective and current in order to have an appointment and book in surgery? We strongly encourage patients to be double vaccinated prior to proceeding with surgery due to the strong evidence of greater morbidity and mortality in patients who acquire covid during the peri-operative period. While most plastic surgery patients are well and healthy, it is important to note that hospitals contain many immunocompromised and ill patients that you can potentially infect. We would not wish this unfortunate scenario on any of our patients.

We wish you all good health and hope to see you soon.