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What’s the difference between over and under the muscle in breast implant surgery?

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When deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery you have many decisions to make. One of these choices is whether to have the breast implants placed over your chest muscle, or under it. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer, therefore the approach you and your plastic surgeon decide depends on several factors, and you must assess each option to find the right fit for you.

Over the Muscle Placement

Over the muscle placement (also known as, ‘subglandular’ placement) refers to placing the implants above the chest muscle, and under the glandular breast tissue. We tend to recommend this approach for women with a fair amount on natural breast tissue, as the tissue provides support and coverage for the implants.

Placing implants over the chest muscle is a slightly easier procedure, with a somewhat shorter recovery. Women who have their implants placed above the muscle may have less post-operative discomfort as the chest muscle is not manipulated during surgery.

Under the Muscle Placement

When someone is really slim and looking for breast enhancement, we use the muscle (called the pec major) which is a few millimetres thick to help camouflage the implant so that it doesn’t look like they have bolt-on breast. The muscle sits and covers only the upper half of the implant, so it’s only softening the cleavage area.

Going under the muscle, which is also known as dual plane approach, can be a little more painful, and has a slightly increased risk of bleeding after surgery. The muscle is still a functional muscle, so when you move your arms the implant may move as well, this is called animation deformity.

At Southern Aesthetics, our experienced plastic surgeons will individualise their approach for each patient, assess whether over the muscle or under the muscle placement is most appropriate, and weigh up both the short-term and long-term outcomes.

To learn more about implant placement, and for more information regarding our breast augmentation Sydney services, contact us on 02 9186 8105.

Dealing with Back Pain

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Do you experience chronic back pain? If physical therapy has been ineffective in relieving your pain, it may be time to consider a different approach. There are two plastic surgery procedures that can significantly relieve back pain, these are breast reduction surgery and tummy tuck surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery

For women who suffer from upper back pain, breast reduction surgery is very useful. For women with breasts that are an E-cup or larger, the weight of the breast can change the bodies entire centre of gravity and therefore can impact the shoulder, neck, and thoracic back area.

Common symptoms that women with larger breasts have that relate to back pain include:

• Deep grooves on their shoulders from their bra straps digging in,
• Neck pain, and
• Headaches.

When undergoing breast reduction surgery, patients will feel immediate relief, as the weight has been lifted from their shoulders. In our experience, breast reduction patients are usually the happiest group, as they not only look better, but feel better as well.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

For those who suffer from lower back pain, abdominoplasty (otherwise known as tummy tuck surgery) can offer great relief by restoring muscle strength in the abdomen.

Having children is one of the main reasons people suffer from lower back pain because the abdominal muscle, called the rectus abdominus, splits and separates in order to allow the baby to grow. After having multiple births, or a large baby, the muscle loses its elasticity and cannot bounce back. When these muscles are not in their functional position, the back muscles suffer as well, therefore causing lower back pain.

A tummy tuck, therefore, removes loose skin and tightens the abdominal muscles.

If you are suffering from back pain, book in a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to receive the best advice.

At Southern Aesthetics, our patient’s wellbeing is our priority. Dr Amira Sanki, and Dr Illias Kontronakis both have vast experience and the finest training in tummy tuck surgery and breast reduction surgery Sydney can offer and are committed to giving their patients the safest and best treatment available.

Our friendly team are always at hand to help you, for further information call us on 02 9186 8105.

Using Plastic Surgery to Conceal Injuries/Wounds

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Did you know that plastic surgery was invented in wartimes to reconstruct people’s faces after significant trauma and injuries? To this day, plastic surgery still has applications following injury and trauma.

Here are some types of plastic surgery to conceal significant injury:

Replantation of Digits – If a thumb or finger has been severed from the hand, digit replantation surgery can help restore the functionality and appearance of the hand, helping men and women enjoy an improved quality of life.
Reconstruction after Shark Bites – When someone traumatically gets bitten by a shark, chances are they will be left with a significant wound, plastic surgeons have the expertise to reconstruct the skin in order to conceal the injury.
Reconstruction after Car Accidents – If someone has been in a major car accident, they may need reconstruction surgery, however this depends entirely on the condition you have. Some of the more common procedures for facial reconstruction include, rhinoplasty, otoplasty and ear reconstruction, oculoplasty, mentoplasty and jaw surgery, and facial reanimation surgery.

Plastic surgery can also be used to conceal minor wounds , for example this may be a scar on the face from windshield glass after a car accident, a chicken pox scar, a minor burn, or skin cancer. This high-quality scar management includes re-suturing the wound and camouflaging the wound with botulinum toxin and fillers.

Often wounds and scars can look obvious due to content deformity, however this can be safely filled with hyaluronic acid filler. If this works well then, the filler may be replaced with a more permanent correction using the patient’s own fat grafting.

At Southern Aesthetics, we are devoted to supporting our patients with transformative surgeries that will enhance their livelihood. We are proud to offer high quality scare management and skin cancer treatment in Sydney. For further information contact Southern Aesthetics, on 02 9186 8105.

The Ramifications of Face Filters on Social Media

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When you open up Instagram or Snapchat, there are endless amounts of face filters that change your whole look. From making your lips bigger, nose look smaller, and changing the shape of your whole face. Filters have become a normal part of our lives; however, they are implicating how we feel about our natural looks.

In a recent article, Dr. Maya Underwood an anthropologist from the University of Queensland explains her research on how online spaces change how we see ourselves.

She states that “Social media exposes us to this different version of ourselves and increases our altered selves, an altered appearance. It also increases our appearance anxiety which leads us to be susceptible to cosmetic surgery.” And heaps of young people are taking the next step.

“People are taking filtered photos of themselves to the cosmetic surgeon. Want to look like this best version of myself that I am seeing of myself every time I post on social media.”

Dr. Naveen Somia, a specialist aesthetic plastic surgeon in Sydney explains how he has seen this happen in real time people, comparing themselves to heavily filtered people online and to themselves. “Having social media is like having the mirror in one of your hands and to have a window to the world and others and you have access to those two 24/7.” And it’s gotten worse over the past year. “The recent pandemic hasn’t helped. This pandemic has made sure that people are beginning to focus on themselves and their wellness and the so-called zoom effect.”

People are opting for treatments to change their faces in the way filters do. “The top three cosmetic surgical procedures are nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and face, and the top three non-surgical procedures are Botox, soft tissue fillers and laser skin resurfacing.” And while Dr. Naveen thinks treatments can be great for some people, it is important for patients to understand what’s driving them. “Just like how when you research your procedure, you do due diligence and find out the right practitioner, the right practice for your procedure. You also need to be aware of the influences that made you take the decision the first step.”

At Southern Aesthetics, we understand that undergoing plastic surgery is a decision that needs to be well throughout and considered. Our doctors will assess our patients to make sure that they are eligible for the procedure, we will then discuss the best course of action to address your concerns. Written information will be provided to you, so that you can consider your options.

For further information, contact Southern Aesthetics, the plastic surgeon The Shire locals trust on, 02 9186 8105, and one of our friendly team members will be able to answer all of your questions.

Understanding The Regulations Around Plastic Surgery and Social Media

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As plastic surgery becomes more common, platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have become powerful marketing tools, with surgeons filling their feeds with before and after photos, videos of clients, memes, and surgery.

In a recent article by Mamma Mia, our very own Dr Amira Sanki explained the official guidelines for social media use in advertising cosmetic surgery have been created by Australia’s health regulator, AHPRA.

All medical practitioners also have an obligation to follow Australian Consumer Law which is regulated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC).

Dr Amira Sanki stated that:

“Social media and how it is used is constantly evolving, but the regulations still apply… The Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) considers a respectful representation of our patients on social media, critical to maintaining a trusting relationship between surgeon and patient.”

“A significant amount of our surgical training and our ongoing education is dedicated to teaching ethical decency and respect that all patients deserve. As plastic and reconstructive surgeons, we are governed by a code of conduct from these regulatory bodies to guide ethical and respectful practice.”

Part of these guideless stress the importance of confidentiality and privacy obligation. This means that patients should be asked to consent to filming, or photographs, and they must be allowed to the opportunity to decline.

“Patients feel grateful to their surgeons for improving their body image and their quality of life, but they should still feel no sense of obligation for their images to be shared on social media. And those photos must absolutely be de-identified,” mentioned Dr Sanki.

“Many patients are incredibly happy for their images to be used because they were grateful to other patients for sharing photos of themselves, which ultimately helped them to compare and understand the surgery, and how they might benefit from it.”

While most patients will request for their identity to be concealed, in some cases patients request to be shared or ‘plugged’ on social media – especially those who sought out surgeons due to their social media presence.

However, Dr Sanki stresses that “There should be no incentives for a patient to allow their procedure to be filmed or their before and afters to be used. This can confuse their decision-making process when it comes to proceeding with surgery,”

It is important to mention that even when patients provide consent, there is no exact way of controlling where their content appears. Images can be copied, manipulated, and redistributed on social media, and that content can be hard to remove once it is posted.

At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, our patients are always our priority, if they do choose to consent to images being shared on social media, we will always conceal their identity. It is important to remember that although what is posted on social media are real results, all individual results will vary.

For more information regarding plastic surgery and social media, or for our body contouring surgeries, including tummy tuck and breast augmentation Sydney services, contact us on 02 9186 8105.

Why young people are turning to cosmetic surgery?

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Social media had not only normalised using filters to create the perfect image, but it has also normalised editing our bodies in real life. For some young Australians, these beauty ‘ideals’ are pushing them towards cometic surgery in order to sculpt their bodies into the same figures they see online.

Social media is directly influencing the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery, here is why:

In a recent article regarding how social media influences young people to turn to plastic surgery, our very own Dr Amira Sanki mentions that:

 “There has been a big surge in the procedures that have achieved notoriety on social media,” she said.

“The Brazilian Butt Lift was pretty much an unknown procedure until it was all over the internet and blasted onto the internet by the Kardashians.”

Dr Amira Sanki believes that there is a definite link between social media and the uptake of cosmetic surgery. She stated that:

 “There is no doubt that what people see on social media directly influences the decision making. Social media has sort of given everyone that instant gratification and they’re wanting that out of their plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures as well.”

Social media ’empowering’, but beware dodgy docs

However, a  positive to all this cosmetic surgery content on social media is that it’s helped consumers and patients become more informed.

“It has empowered our public for them to make better decisions on what they want from their cosmetic doctor and their plastic surgeon,” Dr Sanki said.

However, there is a worry that doctors straight out of medical school are taking advantage of the boom without enough training – and finding clients through social media.

“The popularity of a doctor on the internet does not equate to their skill or level of education and experience – they can buy their followers, they can Photoshop their before and afters and they can fake their reviews.”

It is important to consider going under the knife to do a lot of research and talk to multiple surgeons before choosing one.

At Southern Aesthetics, we believe that plastic surgery procedures should not be considered lightly. When deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery, it is important to talk to an experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeon to determine if the procedure is suited for you.

If you are searching for body contouring surgery Sydney local’s trust, contact us on 02 9186 8105 and book your consultation.

Different Plastic Surgery Trends from Around the World

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Plastic surgery trends tend to derive from the cultural aesthetic ideals of the country; therefore, we see how the popularity of various procedures differ from country to country. However, all surgeries do have one thing in common, to make someone look and feel better and more confident in their skin.

So, without further ado, here are some of the different plastic surgery trends from around the world:

The Brazilian Butt Lift

In America, the ‘Kim K’ figure has become very desirable, so the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has become a popular procedure. The BBL combines two procedures in one, where fat is removed from other parts of the body and then injected into the buttocks. So, those who opt for a butt lift get both liposuction as well as firmer and rounder buttocks.

Breast Reduction Surgery

In more conservative countries, such as those in Northern Europe, breast reduction surgery is popular. Some women, may not feel comfortable with larger breasts, therefore opt for breast reduction surgery in order to feel more confident. Breast reduction surgery poses many benefits, including reducing back pain, and being able to fit in more clothing.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

In places that have a popular beach culture, such as Australia, the USA and the Mediterranean, breast augmentation is common. Breast augmentation is an operation that can give women the breast size and shape they wish for and helps improve the confidence in their appearance. There are many reasons women consider breast augmentation, including the desire to have a larger cup size, when the breast has shrunk or shagged after pregnancy or breast feeding, or if the sizes of the breasts are uneven.

Universally, non-surgical solutions are increasing in popularity, however when a surgical solution is a better answer, it is a good idea to see an experienced plastic surgeon.

At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery our approach to each patient is the same: to treat with the utmost care and to achieve the best possible outcome. For further information regarding any of our breast reduction surgery, fat grafting and breast augmentation Sydney services, contact us on 02 9186 8105 , and one of our friendly staff members will be able to answer any of your questions.

Is Plastic Surgery Reversible?

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When you decide to have plastic surgery, it is important to understand if the procedure you undergo is reversable or not. We have some good news – even though plastic surgery is often not reversible, it can be revised.

There are two stages where this may happen.

Most commonly a patient that has had botched surgery and is unhappy with their result will seek a more qualified and experienced plastic surgeon for the revision. However, the best way to avoid this is seeing a proper plastic surgeon to begin with.

If this does happen, at Southern Aesthetics we will sensitively listen to your concerns and assess whether revision is suitable. In some cases, surgery wont often be a good idea for revision, although if it is we will usually discuss performing the procedure again to help improve its outcome.

The second instance is when a person seeks to reverse their plastic surgery many years later. The most common situation is when we see a mature woman who desires to have their breast implants which were inserted in her youth removed. This commonly arises as patients put on weight overtime, and natural breast size grows.

Breast implant removal surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, and usually takes between one to three hours. We will also provide a detailed comfort plan to ensure that your recovery is as pain free as possible.

At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, our surgeons will listen to your concerns and goals when determining if revision surgery is the best course of action.

Dr Amira Sanki
and Dr Ilias Kotronakis both have vast experience and finest training in plastic surgery. They are committed to giving their patients the safest and best treatment available.

Our experienced team are always at hand to help you, for more information and to contact the most trusted plastic surgeon The Shire can offer, call Southern Aesthetics on 02 9186 8105.

Does my lifestyle change at all after a breast enhancement?

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Breast enhancements, such as breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery are very popular procedures. There are many reasons why women choose to undergo breast enhancement surgery, but above all the ultimate goal is to look and feel better.

The simple answer to the question ‘Does my lifestyle change at all after a breast enhancement?’ is yes, however, what exactly changes? Here is your answer:

Better self-confidence

It may take some time to get used to new breasts, however most women begin to see themselves in a more positive light after the procedure. This boost of confidence encourages some women to feel more comfortable and outgoing in social situations, ultimately creating opportunity for positive life changes.

Opens up to a whole new range of clothing

One of the biggest struggles women faces is finding clothing that fits both their bust and waist. When undergoing breast enhancement surgery, many women find it much easier to shop for new and more flattering clothing. There is also the opportunity to develop a different style to match their new figure.


In terms of exercise, we recommend six weeks of no active exercise after the surgery, thereafter, women with sub pectoral or implants under the muscle should avoid exercises that result in intense muscular strain, such as planking.

It is important to remember that breast enhancement surgery is not a ‘cure’ for women who are unhappy. Our experienced and qualified surgeons assess our patients prior to treatment to see if they are a good candidate for the procedure.

It can be difficult to know whether you would benefit from a breast lift and reduction surgery alone, or if breast implants are a better option. At Southern Aesthetics, our experienced plastic surgeons, Dr Amira Sanki, and Dr Ilias Kotronakis will be able to explain what effect each of these procedures would have on your appearance, as well as show you before and afters of women who have a similar problem to you.

For further information regarding our breast augmentation and breast reduction and lift Sydney services, contact us on 02 9186 8105 , and one of our friendly staff members will be able to answer all of your questions.

Dr Amira Sanki in The Australian: ‘Surgical Training Was Cosmetic, Plaintiffs Allege in Class Action’

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Southern Aesthetics’ very own female plastic surgeon, Dr Amira Sanki, has been featured in an article in The Australian where she speaks out against the botched jobs performed by ‘cosmetic surgeons’ with little to no surgical training, and the devastation caused on patient Brittany Johnson’s breast surgery.

The article mentions that:

“When Brittany Johnson arrived at the hospital with a sharp pain in her right breast, she felt as though her chest was about to burst…It was only after a consultation with plastic surgeon Amira Sanki that the executive assistant realised the extent of the issue: her right breast had filled up with 550ml of fluid, part of a “waterfall deformity”. The initial surgery had been botched, done by someone with allegedly one weekend of surgical training.”

“Sitting in Dr Sanki’s consultation room in Kogarah, in Sydney’s south, Ms Johnson has spent the past year preparing for corrective surgery to repair the damage.”

Here at Southern Aesthetics, Dr Sanki sees at least one woman a month who has undergone inappropriate surgery. It cannot be stressed enough the important of seeking a specialist plastic surgeon. Unfortunately doctors without surgical qualifications beyond their medical degree are allowed to perform surgery.

An experienced surgeon will have the proper training and good surgical techniques, thus reducing the risks of complications. By choosing a specialist plastic surgeon, you will receive the finest surgical techniques and materials, plus the advice and guidance on how to look after your wounds post-surgery.

Our surgeons, Dr Amira Sanki, and Dr Ilias Kotronakis, are fully qualified Plastic Surgeons. They both have the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) qualifications as Specialist Surgeons in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and are members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

At Southern Aesthetics, we offer the highest level of skills and training in breast augmentation surgery Sydney locals can trust. For more information contact Southern Aesthetics on 02 9186 8105 and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist.