A Day in the Life of Plastic Surgeons

By October 19, 2023News

The Morning

The alarm rings, and the day begins for plastic surgeons and husband and wife, Dr. Amira Sanki, and Dr. Illias Kotronakis. Negotiating the morning routine involves a discussion on who will take the children to the bus stop. With a busy day ahead, they divide responsibilities – Amira at the operating theatre and Illias in the office. Illias takes charge of the school run, while Amira heads to St George Private to commence her day.

A Look into Dr. Amira’s Day

Dr. Amira’s day unfolds with a series of intricate surgeries. A thigh lift consumes four hours, followed by a three-hour tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). The delicate nature of these procedures demands precision, skill, and focus. In between surgeries, Amira takes a moment to connect with the families of the patients, assuring them of their loved one’s well-being. Next, she marks up the next patient, ensuring every detail is accounted for.

Even a dedicated surgeon needs sustenance. Amira, being fond of good food, indulges in a satisfying lunch to recharge for the rest of the day. Amidst bites, she manages her emails, checking in on other patients in recovery to ensure their progress is on track.

The day takes an unexpected turn with a consult on an 80-year-old man who suffered a skin tear that turned infected. Amira’s expertise extends beyond cosmetic enhancements as she tends to accidents and trauma patients. Cleaning up the infected wound, she skilfully completes a skin graft, replacing the damaged skin and restoring a sense of normalcy to the patient’s life.

As the clock ticks towards evening, Amira continues her dedication to the field, participating in a 7 pm ASAPS board meeting. Here, the plastic surgery community discusses strategies and navigates the political landscape of their profession. This commitment to the broader aspects of plastic surgery showcases Amira’s passion for advancing the field beyond the operating room.

Amira’s day doesn’t end with the meeting. She leaves the professional realm and seamlessly transitions into her role as a mother, picking up her son from after school activities. This duality in her life exemplifies the balance required to thrive in the demanding world of plastic surgery.

A Look into Dr. Illias’ Day

Dr. Illias Kotronakis, spent his day focused on patient consultations. Specialising in skin cancer treatment in Sydney and reconstructive surgery, he meticulously plans each operation. His interactions with patients involve providing opinions, explaining procedures, and finalising surgery schedules. Dr Ilias also works as Head of Department at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. His day may be peppered with emails or meetings to plan theatre list allocations, analyse patient pathways to improve patient flow or reassess the schedules of his team of plastic surgeons and registrars.

Back at Home

The day concludes with a shared dinner, a moment of respite for both surgeons. Illias takes charge and walks the dog, knowing Amira’s had a long day of surgeries and could use a rest. Returning home, he helps their daughter with her maths homework. Each surgeon has got each other’s backs, both at work and in their personal lives, striking a smooth balance in their demanding professions.

In the intricate world of plastic surgery, Amira Sanki and Illias Kotronakis navigate through surgeries, consultations, and family responsibilities. Their dedication to the craft goes beyond the operating room, extending into community involvement and personal commitments. The day in the life of these plastic surgeons is a testament to their passion, resilience, and the delicate dance between professional and personal spheres.

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