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Inverted/protruding nipples

Inverted nipples

Many women and men are born with inverted nipples and become self-conscious of this normal nipple variation. Of greater concern, is a previously projecting nipple that begins to invert over time, as this can be a sign of underlying breast cancer.

There are various degrees of severity of nipple inversion, with each of these degrees requiring different surgical or non-surgical treatment. Dr Sanki and Dr Kotronakis have experience with each of these options and will determine which procedure will yield the best result for you.

In general, surgical correction of nipple inversion is a relatively simple and successful operation that can be performed as a day procedure. The operation will result in small scars on the areola that should fade into faint lines with time.

Private health insurance can be used in surgery for inverted nipple. This can cover all of your hospital and theatre fees.

Protruding nipples

Nipples that are overly large compared to the size of your breast can be problematic as they project through your underwear and clothing. This condition can affect women or men.

Reshaping your nipple to match the size of your breast mound is a satisfying and relatively simple operation that can be performed as day surgery. A padded dressing is worn over the reshaped nipple(s) for 7-14 days, and in most repairs, dissolving stitches are used. The scars that result fade into faint lines with time.