Can I get rid of my breast lift scars?

By July 16, 2021News

The one long term issue that concerns patients thinking about breast surgery is the scaring. Scars after breast lifts will always be present and never completely disappear. However, there are modern creams and techniques that can be used in order for the scars to become barely visible.

How can I reduce scaring after breast augmentation?

Seek a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

First and foremost, it is vital that you carefully consider your choice of surgeon. An experienced surgeon will have good surgical techniques that will reduce the risk of complications known to cause scaring. By choosing a specialist plastic surgeon, you are receiving the very best in surgical techniques and materials, as well as proper guidance and advice on how to look after your wounds post-surgery.

Use Silicone Sheets and Scar Gels

Silicon sheets help hydrate recent incisions. Silicone scar gel and sheets have significant evidence to show they reduce scarring by flattening scars and reducing their redness. Silicone sheets are recommended in non hairy areas that are flat as they gently stick and contour to the wound. They can be used to reduce itchiness and pain right after surgery, and you can continue to use them for a few months.

Scar gels are silicone-based products that can be used without bandages. You can use these after the incisions heal. The main purpose of scar gels is to help reduce the size and colouring of the scars. They are colourless and have a texture similar to baby oil.

Intense Scar Treatments

For scars that are looking thick and pink, we can offer a course of steroid injections or provide referral to an expert dermatologist that offers laser scar management.

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