Cosmetic surgery during COVID-19; what you need to know

By July 7, 2020News

After months of self-isolating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cosmetic surgery is more in demand than ever before and we here at Southern Aesthetic are making sure that we implement the proper measures to keep everyone as safe as possible. Before you get in touch with our talented all-female plastic surgery teamabout the procedure that’s right for you, let’s go over what you need to know about cosmetic surgery during COVID-19and answer many of the common questions that patients have.

1) Can you have cosmetic surgery procedures done?

Yes. The government has announced that both consultations and surgeries are cautiously back to normal.

2) Are there increased risks from COVID-19?

Thanks to the low level of COVID-19 exposure in New South Wales, there is a negligible risk of contracting the virus during or after surgery. That’s not to say we’re being complacent, though, and we are implementing further best practices to minimise your risk and worries during your visits. Both consultations and surgery are back to normal now and all procedures are available thanks to the great response to the pandemic.

3) What best safety practices are being used during COVID-19?

It’s important to know that it is currently safe to get cosmetic surgery done. We are implementing social distancing within our facility and making sure that it is done by both patients and our staff. Additionally, we wear masks and gloves while in close contact with patients and offer masks to any patient that wants one. We clean all surfaces with anti-viral antiseptics, conduct screening checks with all patients and measure patient temperatures upon entry into our building or hospital. We are making sure that everyone leaves as healthy as they came in. The health of our patients is paramount and it’s at the top of our concerns.

4) Are any procedures not currently available? What can I get done?

The good news is that all procedures are available. We are able to offer any cosmetic surgery that we normally do and can even have consultations for non-surgical procedures such as skin care and injectables. From face lifts to tummy tucks and breast augmentation, we’ve got you covered.

5) Should I wait to get in touch after the pandemic?

Absolutely not. If you are considering surgery this winter or spring, then you should book a consultation immediately as demand is high. Since many patients had their elective surgeries postponed and can now undergo them,we are currently in the process of booking them for new dates. There are still restrictions on the number of surgeries we can do per theatre list, so expect a waiting period for any new procedures as we go in order. We have been granted extra theatre time to cope with the increase in demand.

So, if you have been considering booking yourself in for cosmetic surgery, now is the best time to get in touch.

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