Dealing with extreme weight loss challenges and your body image

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Dealing with extreme weight loss challenges and your body image

Extreme weight loss is usually a sign of a massive change in lifestyle, and it’s usually great for your health. Following extreme weight loss, you’ll be feeling better, and ready for more activity in your new lifestyle. You’ll also expect to look better, but unfortunately one of the significant extreme weight loss challenges is being left with excess skin, which can be unsightly and a source of disappointment after undergoing such a healthy lifestyle change. That’s where the team at Southern Aesthetic come in.

What is extreme weight loss?

If you’ve ever seen the advertisements promising “lose 10 points in 10 days” or “drop one dress size in a day,” then you’re looking at advertisements that promise rapid – or “extreme” – weight loss. These weight loss programs can range from “starvation diets” through to the use of diet pills or supplements, or extreme exercise routines. The best programs are usually a combination of the three – a significant reduction of calories, combined with exercise and supplements that block the absorption of fats or increase the rate in which the body burns fat.

Other times people turn to surgery to achieve extreme weight loss, and make use of gastric sleeves, bands or bypasses to surgically reduce the size of their stomach.

You should always consult with your doctor and/or a nutritionist before undertaking a rapid weight loss program. Among other things rapid weight loss can affect your energy levels and your ability to undertake your daily routine, and should be carefully planned for.
And you should be prepared for there to be excess skin left afterwards.

Overcoming the extreme weight loss challenges associated with excess skin

Of everything that you’ll deal with, the extreme weight loss challenges that can be the most distressing generally involve excess skin. It’s an odd irony that you’ll be at the best, healthiest weight that you’ve been at for years, and yet to look at you, you’d seem underweight. As though you no longer fit in your own skin. Overcoming these extreme weight loss challenges often calls for body contouring surgery.

Body contouring surgery is a simple set of procedures that includeupper and lower body lifts, arm lifts,thigh lifts, breast lifts and breast lifts with implants, as necessary based on the result that you want. Each time, it involves the creation of a wound and the removal of excess skin to “firm up” what is remaining in an aesthetically pleasing way. Depending on the procedure it can leave a visible scar and needs to be performed by experts in order to minimise the impact. Your plastic surgeon will discuss this and potential risks ahead of the procedure, though body contouring comes with limitedrisksin healthy patients.

Dr Sanki’s practice at Southern Aesthetic has long been focused on addressing the extreme weight loss challenges that patients face, including body contouring. Additionally, the all-female team that work here are sensitive to each woman’s needs. Our goal is to make sure you come out of your procedure with complete confidence, and ready to enjoy the massive weight loss and the benefits that it will bring your lifestyle.

For more information, or to speak to one of our team to start the conversation, contact us at 02 9186 8105 .

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