Do I need body contouring? Three great reasons to consider it

By May 5, 2020News

Do I need body contouring? Three great reasons to consider it

As with many cosmetic surgery options, one of the main questions that you’ll have right from the start is “do I need body contouring?” Is it the right option for what you want to achieve with your figure and health?

There are a few reasons that people opt for a body contouring procedure, and it’s important to realise that there are no “right” and “wrongs” here – the decision comes purely down to your own goals, and you can discuss those with your surgeon in advance to determine whether it’s the solution for you.

So, do I need body contouring?

Some of the main reasons that people turn to body contouring include:

1) Improving your sense of confidence

Many people feel self-conscious about their bodies, and body contouring is a low risk solution for those parts of the body that you’re most self-conscious about. Body contouring processes can be applied to just about every part of the body but it’s also possible to be specific about the area being treated. Body contouring is the ideal solution if there’s just one particular part of your figure that you’re not happy with.

2) It makes the exercise and diet worthwhile

People who lose a lot of weight fast tend to be unhappy with the results, as excess skin remains on the body in a way that isn’t aesthetically pleasing. With body contouring, it’s possible to remove that excess skin, and deliver the taut, healthy figure that you were aiming for with the diet and exercise in the first place.

3) Improve comfort and way of life

Excess and loose skin can be a source of extreme discomfort. Loose skin can lead to the accumulation of sweat between folds, chaffing that causes rashes andchronic skin infections. When others are out enjoying the Australian lifestyle, excess skin can make the hotter, Summer months, unbearable. Excess skin can hamper maintaining weight loss and enjoying your new fitness because it causes discomfort and discourages you from playing sport and being active. Removing that source of discomfort is important to then enjoying exercise and activities.

What does body contouring involve?

Once you’ve answered the question “do I need body contouring?” The next question is what would be involved. You can talk to your specialist plastic surgeon to get more of an idea of what the procedure would involve and the results that you can expect from it, but the more common body contouring procedures include:

  • – Breast augmentations or lifts
  • – Tummy tucks
  • – Upper arm lifts
  • – Inner thigh lifts
  • – Thigh lifts
  • – Lower body lifts


These are all areas where complications from rapid loss of weight tend to show most significantly, and they’re all areas of aesthetic focus on the body.

So, do I need body contouring? It’s a good question, and there are many factors in the answer. Talk to your friendly Southern Aesthetic surgeon today – our all-female team is sensitive to your needs, goals, and concerns. Contact us on 02 9186 8105.

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