Does plastic surgery hurt?

By April 12, 2021News

Two of the main concerns patients have when considering plastic surgery are the duration of their recovery time and pain management. At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, our utmost priority is to ensure our patients feel comfortable during and following their procedure to help them get back to their normal life as soon as possible. Every patient obtains a detailed comfort plan designed by their anaesthetist to ensure their recovery is as pain free as possible. All of our patients receive close follow up with phone calls and post-operative consultations with their surgeon to ensure that their recovery is on track.

When undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, local anaesthetic is placed into the wound area to provide comfort that lasts for up to the first 24 hours. For people having procedures that are longer than 3 hours, a patient controlled analgesia system is also organised so that you can self-administer your pain relief instantly. Once at home, patients are prescribed  a combination of slow release and immediate pain relief. A good level of pain relief allows you to be more active and sleep well. A thorough comfort plan helps you to get back to normal activity and feel like yourself again.

Each body is different and recovers at its own pace. Our surgeons will listen carefully to your personal experiences with past procedures and take the utmost care to ensure you are comfortable and reassured while you recover. At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery we always schedule regular check-ups after surgery to monitor your progress.

Patients should not put up with significant pain, it is important to use any painkillers prescribed after the operation to assist with pain relief. Over the counter medications that can also help relieve pain are regular paracetamol and anti-inflammatories.

After undergoing any surgery, we recommend taking time off to fully rest while your body and immune system recuperates. It is vital to avoid strenuous exercise after surgery for six weeks, as this can slow down recovery time and put you at risk of health complications.

It is important to carefully consider your choice of surgeon, you should opt for the plastic surgeon the Shire local’s trust. At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery we establish plans tailored to your preferences and body type so that you can enjoy a speedy and restful recovery.

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