Chin surgery

Genioplasty or chin surgery aims to adjust the shape and size of the chin prominence to suit and be in proportion to your face.

Patients seeking a genioplasty are often concerned that their chin either over or under projects. An additional group of patients notice the secondary problems of having a small chin. These include the lack of proportion in their face, an overly projecting nose or lack of definition between their neck and chin. Patients who have additional problems with their dental occlusion usually require more significant surgery in addition to a genioplasty, to alter the shape of their maxilla (upper tooth bearing bone) and mandible (the jaw).

A genioplasty to increase the projection of the chin can be performed with an implant (alloplast) or by moving the jaw bone. A genioplasty to decrease the projection of the chin is performed by cutting and reshaping the bone. Chin surgery is performed using incisions inside the mouth, with no scars apparent on the skin. Genioplasty is a potentially simple operation that results in a significant change in your facial harmony.