Five breast lift benefits you really need to know about

By April 20, 2020News

Breast lift surgery, properly known as mastopexy, is one of the most common aesthetic surgery practices of all. And yet, despite it being so common, it’s also a mystery to many: what are the breast lift benefits, and why would a woman want to get one? There’s actually many ways that a breast lift benefits a woman, and these include:

  1. It helps a woman after weight loss or breast feeding

The main purpose of a breast lift operation is to reshape and tighten the breast contour by removing excess skin. It also lifts the nipple into a higher position. Many women find themselves uncomfortable with the shape of their breasts after going through breast feeding or weight loss, and this operation is particularly beneficial to them in helping them regain self confidence and comfort with their bodies.

2. It doesn’t involve a change in breast size

Many women who are happy with the size of the breasts don’t want to get implants, which would lead to additional weight on the chest and pressure on the body. At the same time, they’re not in physical discomfort and don’t need to consider a decrease in breast size a medical priority. For these women, a breast lift operation is the ideal way to go, as it doesn’t fundamentally change the size of the breast, and therefore won’t affect the lifestyle of the individual.

3. It can help to address uneven breasts

Women who have breasts that are unevenly shaped – with one lower than the other – can face everyday challenges around clothing fit, as well as an insecurity about their figure. Breast lift procedures are a low-risk and natural way to address this concern that won’t involve implants or other unnatural materials being placed into the body.

4. Reduced under-breast irritation

Breast that are particularly low-sitting, can cause irritation to the fold of the skin that sits underneath the breasts. The result is chafing which can frequently result in rashes or skin redness. So, not only does the woman have perkier “higher” breasts to look forward to, but the day-to-day discomfort caused by the shape is eliminated completely.

5. It helps you look younger

One of the more visible signs of aging can be seen in the breasts, with a natural lowering over time. Through a breast lift procedure, a woman can maintain a youthful appearance, which again helps with self confidence and comfort.

Are there any downside to these breast lift benefits?

As with any operation there are some risks, which your plastic surgeon will talk you through. This is considered to be a very low risk operation, however, as it involves nothing unnatural and simply the removal of skin and reshaping of existing breast.

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