Hand lacerations

Hand lacerations are often complicated injuries that require specialist care. We can arrange fast tracked expert surgery to help your treatment and recovery.

Hand anatomy and lacerations

We use our hands to interact with the world around us in intricate and precise ways. This means that hand anatomy is particularly complicated. It is vulnerable to damage because important structures are located just below the skin.
Nerves, arteries, tendons, joints and bones can all be cut. Injuries that seem innocuous can actually be very serious, especially where glass or blades are involved. Significant disability can arise if they are not repaired properly.

Plastic Surgeons and hand surgery

Hand surgery is an important part of Plastic Surgery. Plastic Surgeons are involved in hand surgery because of the complexity of the anatomy in the area. Dr Kotronakis and Dr Sanki have performed thousands of operations on hand injuries. They have specialist credentials in this type of surgery.

Fast tracked care

All but the simplest had lacerations should be repaired by a specialist. This can mean a frustrating wait in hospital waiting for an operating theatre. Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery can fast track your care and ensure that you have your operation at a private hospital as conveniently and quickly as possible. Just call our office on 9588 2494 so that we can arrange that care.

Workers Compensation and work related injuries

Work related hand injuries are very common. Employees injured at work are entitled to care at private hospitals, which can mean faster treatment, with less frustrating wait than that encountered at busy public hospitals. Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is experienced in organising fast tracked approvals for emergency workers compensation hand surgery. Our track record means that we have arrangements with hospitals in the south of Sydney that speed up your progress to surgery. We are also experienced in liaising with insurance companies and nominated treating doctors so that your recovery and rehabilitation are as smooth as possible.