How many plastic surgeries can be done at once?

By June 7, 2021News

A lot of people after achieving major weight loss desire to have multiple procedures completed.  The most common operations requested by these patients are abdominoplasty, and mastopexy (breast lift). Brachioplasty, face and neck lift and thigh lift surgery are operations that take a significant second place to abdominal and breast procedures.

How many procedures can be completed at once?

The limitation on how many procedures can be done at once comes down to the safety and comfort of our patients. Clinical trials show that it is crucial to keep the operations less than six hours, due to risks of blood clots, reduction in body temperature and pressure sores. Ideally, operations that are combined involve adjacent areas of the body, such as the abdomen and breasts or arms and breasts.

Therefore, this allows for a person to usually have two areas operated on at once, such as a mummy make over (breast surgery and tummy tuck) or arm lift and breast surgery.

Recovery from multiple surgeries

Limitations also come down to recovery, it does not make sense to complete an arm lift and thigh lift at the same time as it will increase recovery time and decrease the level of comfort and mobility. For example, we recommend procedures such as belt lipectomy and thigh lifts to be completed as stand-alone operations as they generate scars in locations of the body that make it uneasy to move if another part of your body is also recovering from surgery.

Patients who have experienced easy recoveries from other operations such as, hernia repair, gastric sleeve, and caesarean section, can usually tolerate a combination of procedures well. Other factors that allow the prediction of good recovery from longer procedures include high pain threshold and positive attitude.

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