Precision Mapping: How Mohs Surgery Achieves High Cure Rates

By November 21, 2023News

When it comes to battling skin cancer, precision is paramount. Enter Mohs Surgery, a groundbreaking technique that combines immediate microscopic analysis with immediate reconstruction, revolutionising the approach to skin cancer treatment.

At Southern Aesthetic, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Illias Kotronakis has undergone special training to build on the techniques to ensure that cancers are completely removed and that the cosmetic result is as subtle as possible.

Immediate Microscopic Analysis for Confirming Cancer Clearance

Mohs Surgery stands out for its real-time examination of the skin cancer immediately after removal. This microscopic analysis allows surgeons to confirm the clearance of cancer cells, ensuring that no cancerous tissue remains. This precision mapping is a game-changer in the fight against skin cancer, as it minimises the risk of leaving any cancerous cells behind.

Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Collaboration

What sets Mohs Surgery apart is its collaborative approach involving both dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Dermatologists, specialising in the analysis and removal of skin cancer, work hand-in-hand with plastic surgeons, who bring their expertise in reconstruction to the table. This collaboration ensures that not only is the cancer thoroughly removed, but the subsequent reconstruction is of the highest standard, both aesthetically and functionally.

Higher Rates of Cure and the Importance of Complete Removal

Skin cancer, like any other cancer, can potentially recur. However, what makes skin cancer particularly challenging is that when it recurs, it can be more aggressive and rapidly growing. That’s why achieving complete removal in the first operation is crucial. Mohs Surgery, with its meticulous approach to microscopic analysis and immediate reconstruction, significantly increases the likelihood of complete cancer removal.

The precision of Mohs Surgery, with its real-time confirmation of cancer clearance, puts it at the forefront of ensuring high cure rates.

The Mohs Technique and Higher Cancer Clearance Rates

Patients undergoing Mohs Surgery experience a higher success rate compared to other methods. The immediate microscopic analysis allows surgeons to precisely target and remove cancerous cells, leaving minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissue. This level of precision contributes to a more effective and thorough removal, reducing the chances of cancer recurrence.

Skin Awareness and Annual Skin Checks

While Mohs Surgery is a powerful tool in the fight against skin cancer, it’s equally important to be proactive about skin health. Regardless of the surgical method used or the expertise of the medical professional, skin awareness is key. Regular skin checks, performed annually by a dermatologist, can help detect potential issues early on.

At Southern Aesthetics, we are committed to providing you with a smooth and aesthetically pleasing experience following your Mohs surgery in Sydney. Our dedicated plastic surgeon strives to achieve results that leave you looking as if surgery never occurred. Ready to embark on a journey to renewed confidence and beauty? Contact Southern Aesthetics today to schedule your consultation.

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