How often can, and should, you have plastic surgery?

By September 8, 2021News

Plastic surgery is a broad specialty that focuses on using the finest surgical techniques to restore and enhance the face and body. Undergoing plastic surgery is a transformational, personal decision that supports confidence in the way people see themselves and how the world sees them. However, it is important to understand how often you can undergo plastic surgery.

Is there a physical limit on having plastic surgery?

There is no physical limit on having plastic surgery, as long as you are healthy. Although, most people prefer to separate multiple episodes of plastic surgery by 12 weeks to allow for proper recovery, to get their energy back, build up their red blood cells and go back to work.

How many procedures can I undergo at once? 

The limitation on the amount of procedures that can be done at once comes down to the comfort and safety of our patients. It is vital that we keep the operations to less than six hours, due to the risks of blood clots, reduction in body temperature and pressure sores. Preferably, operations that are combined involve adjacent areas of the body, such as the abdomen and breasts, or arms and breasts.

How many operations would I undergo after weight loss?

A full body and facial plastic surgery makeover are most safely performed in a series of operations of three to seven hours duration each. No two people are the same after massive weight loss, therefore at Southern Aesthetics, your surgical plan will be tailored to you, and the results will reflect your starting position. Typically, plastic surgery after extreme weight loss would include 4 operations:

Operation 1: Tummy tuck and breast surgery

Operation 2: Arm lift

Operation 3: Thigh lift

Operation 4: Face Lift

Is plastic surgery addictive?

A good plastic surgeon guides their patients to help them make the right decisions by balancing the benefits to risk ratio of plastic surgery. Someone who would gain very little from plastic surgery would be cancelled by the risk that outweighs the benefits.

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