Plastic Surgery after Covid-19

By May 22, 2020News

Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is excited to advise that the outstanding response to coronavirus means that NSW Health has set an elective surgery target of 75% of normal by June 30. This means that patients whose surgery was postponed from April and May can now likely proceed with their operations. Patients who are currently booked in for surgery will be contacted shortly to advise if their date is confirmed. There are still restrictions on the number of procedures we can do per theatre list.

Fortunately, our rooms are now fully operational for face to face, virtual and non-surgical (skin care, injectables) consultations. We strongly advise contacting the rooms as soon as possible if you are thinking about surgery before August, as our theatre lists are close to full capacity to meet the backlog.

There are restrictions in the number of operations that can be performed in Sydney’s south for two reasons. NSW Health would like a buffer in case a second wave of the pandemic occurs. In addition, private hospitals have an agreement with NSW Health to help clear the backlog in the public hospital system.

While all categories of plastic surgery (item numbered and cosmetic) are now permissible, our hospitals will have final say about how they will regulate their capacity. Dr Sanki and Dr Kotronakis have had firm discussions with all our hospitals to put forward the points that

  1. No elective plastic surgery has been performed for 2 months
  2. Plastic surgery patients are healthy & low risk
  3. Plastic surgery patients do not require ICU
  4. Plastic surgery patients use little PPE/consumables
  5. Plastic surgery patients are often day stay or short stay

We are just as keen as our postponed patients to get the show on the road. We will stay in touch with our existing patient through regular emails, so please check your inbox!

Your safety is paramount. Our hospitals have been busily preparing increased hygiene and personal protective equipment measures to enhance your safety. It is important for you to maintain social distancing and isolation before and after your surgery. Surgery induces mild immunosuppression and you will be more susceptible to coronavirus in the perioperative period. We will continue to practise meticulous social distancing, viral cleaning between patients and increased spacing of appointments to protect our patients in the consultations in our rooms.

We are extremely proud of Australia’s magnificent response to COVID, and very grateful for the patience and understanding of our patients during this time. We look forward to returning to normal practice and view the easing of surgical restrictions as a wonderful first step.

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