What precautions do I take after Breast Augmentation surgery?

By January 20, 2023News

Good breast augmentation post-op care can mean the difference between a quick return to our patient’s normal routine, or one that is delayed by unexpected complications. Even though breast augmentation surgery is typically a day procedure of low to moderate risk, it is still real surgery. Therefore, you must allow your body the time to rest, and heal.

For this reason, during the first few weeks’ post-surgery, our surgeons at Southern Aesthetic recommend that our patients follow our specific post-care instructions to improve their chances of experiences a routine recovery, avoiding preventable complications, and achieving the beautiful results they desire.

What to expect after a breast augmentation

24 hours post-surgery

After the procedure, you may experience soreness, nausea, fatigue, and tightness in your chest, as well as swelling and bruising – all of which will fade over time. You will be required to rest for a couple hours in the post-operative room until the anaesthesia fully wears off. It is vital that you have a ride home from a trusted friend or family member, who will continue to help and take care of you a few days after the operation.

One-week post-surgery

We always suggest at least one week off work post-surgery to allow time to rest and recover. During the first week after surgery, we suggest you ask someone to help look after you at home.

You should also refrain from strenuous activities such as lifting your arms above your head, which can result in irritation or bleeding. During this time, your breast implants will begin to settle into place, so it is critical that you follow our post-operative advice to ensure the best possible results.

Three-to-four weeks post-surgery

At this stage, you should feel minimal pain or discomfort. The bruising and swelling should have reduced and faded. Although, it is still normal to have some bruising depending on the type of surgery.

Your doctor may start to encourage you to engage in light exercise during this time, however, as mentioned, it is important to continue refraining from strenuous activities for six weeks post-surgery.

Four-to-six weeks post-surgery

Typically, at this point, most patients have recovered and can resume regular activity. Your breasts should now look and feel more natural.

Throughout recovery it is also recommend wearing a soft, but supportive bra to help with swelling and pain, and to keep the implants in their carefully created pockets.

Following your post-surgical instructions and attending your post-op appointments are also essential to achieve a good outcome. For any further advice, be sure to speak to your expert plastic surgeon. At Southern Aesthetic, our friendly and experienced team are always at hand to help you, for more information about breast augmentation Sydney, call us on 02 9186 8105.

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