The rising trend of traveling for plastic surgery

By October 19, 2023News

In recent years, a unique trend has been gaining momentum in the realm of cosmetic surgery—traveling abroad for aesthetic enhancements. Cosmetic tourism, as it’s commonly known, is the practice of seeking plastic surgery procedures in foreign countries.

Driving Factors Behind Cosmetic Tourism

One of the primary driving forces behind the surge in cosmetic tourism is the cost factor. Many individuals opt to travel overseas for plastic surgery due to the considerably lower costs compared to getting the same procedures done in their home country. This is particularly true for Australians, where cosmetic surgery tends to be more expensive. The high cost in Australia can be attributed to the high standards, involving more professionals and advanced systems in hospitals. This ensures a higher standard of patient care and safer surgeries.

The Uncommon Isolation: Lack of Family Support

One uncommon but noteworthy aspect of cosmetic tourism is the lack of family support for the individuals undergoing these procedures. Unlike typical medical treatments where family plays a crucial role in providing emotional and physical support, cosmetic surgeries overseas often see patients venturing alone. The decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure abroad can be isolating, as family members may not fully understand or support the choice.

The Globalisation of Cosmetic Surgery

The rise in cosmetic tourism reflects the increasing demand for cosmetic surgery globally. This has led to a booming industry that transcends borders, making plastic surgery even more accessible to individuals worldwide.

Risks Associated with Cosmetic Tourism

However, with the allure of affordability comes a myriad of dangers associated with cosmetic tourism. One major concern is the surgery itself. Patients may face challenges in ensuring the qualifications and expertise of their chosen surgeon. Lack of proper research or reliance on inadequate information can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Challenges in Postoperative Care

Aftercare is another critical issue in cosmetic tourism. Following a surgical procedure, patients are typically required to undergo a period of monitoring and check-ups. When one undergoes surgery in a foreign country, the logistics of aftercare become complicated. The distance makes it challenging for patients to access the necessary follow-up appointments, increasing the risk of complications going unnoticed or untreated.

Australian Hospital’s Experience with Cosmetic Tourism

In Australia, we have witnessed a surge in complications arising from cosmetic tourism. Many cases involve miscommunication and guesswork due to language barriers, making it challenging for medical professionals to provide optimal care. Complications such as bad scarring, poor outcomes, and difficulties in revising aesthetic results are common issues faced by individuals who choose to undergo cosmetic procedures abroad.

The Financial Burden of Revision Procedures

Ironically, the cost savings achieved through cosmetic tourism may be nullified by the risk of having to spend more on revising poor outcomes. The expense associated with fixing complications or revising aesthetic results can far exceed the initial savings, turning what seemed like a cost-effective choice into a financial burden.

Making an informed decision, conducting thorough research, and prioritising safety over cost are paramount when considering cosmetic tourism as an option for plastic surgery. 

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