Skin Cancer Treatment at A Plastic Surgeon

By June 7, 2021News

Did you know that Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world? It is estimated that two thirds of people living in Australia will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70.

Fortunately, skin cancers are readily amendable to treatment in their early stages. At Southern Aesthetic, our patients’ skin surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic in our Kogarah location.  However, all our patients are also offered the option of surgery under sedation or a general anaesthetic to complete their skin cancer treatment in one of our Sydney hospitals.

Patients requiring skin cancer surgery desire 2 things:

  1. A cure
  2. To look good after the procedure is over to move on as if nothing occurred.

Plastic surgeons have both interests at heart – to remove the tumour completely whilst preserving the natural appearance of your face.

Dr Ilias Kotronakis also offers Mohs’ micrographic surgery in conjunction with a professional dermatologist. This is a two-stage skin cancer treatment that offers the highest rate of long-term cure for most SCC or BCC’s with minimal collateral damage to the surrounding tissues. It is the best skin cancer treatment option available in Sydney for patients with tumours affecting aesthetically sensitive parts of their body, for example the nose or eyes.

At Southern Aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing excellent after-care for our patients, including would management and dressings, as well as long-term scare management.

Skin cancer treatment Sydney is of a very high international standard. Plastic surgeons have unique training and techniques to ensure that cancers are completely removed and that the cosmetic result is the most subtle it can be. We will guarantee that every effort is made for you to look as though you have never had surgery.

For more information about skin cancer treatments at a plastic surgeon contact Southern Aesthetics on 02 9186 8105.

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