Anti wrinkle injections

Antiwrinkle injections can help give you the appearance of being refreshed and relaxed, and delay the onset of permanent wrinkles.

Muscle relaxing injections

Muscle relaxing injections target fine wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movement, “dynamic lines”. The lines are apparent when you frown or smile, but fade when you are relaxed. Theses line can make you feel aged, and appear angry or upset when you are not. Typical areas that respond well to these injections include the forehead, in between the eyebrows (glabella) and around the eyes (crow’s feet).

The chemical used in muscle relaxing injections works by binding to nerve endings to stop the release of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that stimulates muscle to contract. The medication used in muscle relaxing injections has been used to safely treat muscle spasms in adults and children since the late 1960s. For twenty years, muscle relaxing injections have been used to reversibly relax the muscles of the face to improve the appearance of prominent wrinkles.

While this medication has been safely used for many years, it is not recommended in women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

What does the procedure involve?

The dose and areas to be targeted will be determined in a consultation with one of our surgeons and our clinical nurse consultant, Shanne Taylor. The aim is to provide a subtle, pleasant result, not a “frozen face”. You should have natural facial movements and expressions.

The area to be injected will be cleaned and then numbed with ice or a local anaesthetic cream. The muscle relaxant is given using tiny 0.3mL sized syringes, in a series of small injections. The effect of the injection will become apparent after 3-5 days, and will persist for 3-6 months.

What are the risks of muscle relaxing injections?

Slight tenderness and bruising can occur at the sight of injection. This usually fades quickly, and can be easily covered by makeup. A headache is experienced by some people. While other side effects are reported, they are extremely rare, and will be discussed during your consultation.

How long do the results last?

The results vary between individuals, but most experience 3-6 months of effect. The aim is to make patients appear relaxed and refreshed, with less of a concerned or angry appearance. Some patients are concerned that there may be a rebound worsening once the injection wears off. This is not the case. Wrinkles do return, but they are usually softer initially. There is some evidence that repeated use of these injections can slow ageing in the upper face.

Do I need to take time off for muscle relaxing injections?

It is possible to return to work on the same day as the procedure. We can apply makeup to your skin after your procedure to help camouflage any redness you have after the injection.

What should I do to prepare for the procedure?

It is a good idea to avoid medications or foods that increase your risk of bruising for one week before an injectables treatment. We suggest avoiding anti inflammatory medications eg aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, fish oil and oily fish. Try to place your appointment at a calm point in your day and week so that you are not time pressured and can enjoy your time in our clinic.

How long does it take to have muscle relaxing injections?

A new consultation, plan and the procedure can take up to one hour. Follow up consultations will take fifteen minutes.

Can I combine muscle relaxing injections with other procedures?

Yes, our Nurse Shanne Taylor will discuss what other injectables, peels or procedures can also be safely performed during your filler appointment.

Do I need to avoid any activities after muscle relaxing injections?

It is best to take it easy after your injectables procedure. Increased blood flow to your face as a result of exercise can increase inflammation and swelling. Contact sports or pressure on the face can displace your muscle relaxing injection and cause it to spread to muscles that were not originally targeted.

How will I look after the procedure?

The result from muscle relaxing injections takes one week to see the full effect. Most people have small pin point pink spots at the site of the injection entry point following the procedure. These pass after a few hours and can be covered with makeup. Some people bruise after injectables, and our advice is to space your procedure at least two weeks from any important social functions. Muscle relaxing injections do not cause any swelling.

Are the changes permanent?

Your muscles will overcome the effect of the muscle relaxing injections are 3- 6 months. Muscle relaxing injections therefore need to be regularly topped up to maintain your result. Your wrinkles will not be worse once the effect of the injection wears off.

Can I permanently achieve what the muscle relaxing injections do for me?

The surgical equivalent of muscle relaxing injections around the upper half of the face is a browlift, upper eyelid reduction or upper facelift. If you like the result of your muscle relaxing injections and are keen to achieve a more permanent effect, a consultation with one of our Surgeons can help explain the expectations, risks and benefits of these procedures. In most patients, muscle relaxing injections are still a less expensive and less risky procedure than a surgical intervention.

Who should inject muscle relaxing injections or fillers?

Muscle relaxing injections and filler injections are medical procedures which should only be performed by experienced and qualified medical doctors or by a registered nurse under the supervision of a doctor. As with any medical procedure, there are potential risks with injectable treatments. At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we will clearly explain the benefits and risks of any procedure that is proposed to you. We also know how to manage any minor or rare and serious complications of the procedures we offer. Our surgeons and our nurse, Shanne Taylor, have all been trained in the use of injectables and continue to attend regular courses to update their knowledge and skills. Dr Amira Sanki is also a course instructor at the ASAPS Non-Surgical Symposium cadaver workshop.