Skin care

Only clinically proven skin care is recommended at Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The following is an explanation of the ageing process and the key steps in maintaining good skin health.

Only clinically proven skin care is recommended at Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The following is an explanation of the ageing process and the key steps in maintaining good skin health. Good skin care is readily available and easy to follow but can make a dramatic difference to your appearance. Our patients in Sydney’s South and the Shire are predisposed to early ageing due to our great love of the sun! Shanne Taylor is a Clinical Nurse Consultant specialising in the use of cosmoceuticals and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. A consultation with Shanne can help identify your skin problems and allow an appropriate skin regimen to be prescribed.

What is ageing?

With time, everyone’s face ages. This is due to chronological ageing (preprogrammed cellular failure) and photoageing (changes secondary to damage from the sun). All layers of the face are affected by gravity and the chemical processes of ageing. The goal of plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine is to rejuvenate and restore your skin, fat, ligaments and bones to their youthful state.

What is the role of free radicals in ageing?

While many environmental pollutants, foods, smoking and ultraviolet radiation all contribute to ageing, the end pathway is the same. Both chronological and photo –ageing are due to the accumulation of free radicals (molecules with extra electrons) that then cause “oxidative damage” to your DNA, lipid membranes (the walls of your cells) and mitochondria (the lungs of your cells).

What are the key steps to good skin health?

Good skin care utilises key ingredients that have been proven in clinical trials to cause positive changes to peoples’ skin in a multistep regimen to cleanse and protect the skin and potentially reverse signs of ageing. Your skin is your largest organ, and reflects your internal health. Maintaining a good diet, sleeping well and avoiding cigarettes is the first key step in good skin health.

  1. Prevention of sun and environmental damage:
    a. Active cleanser
    b. Broad spectrum sun block
    c. Topical and oral antioxidants
  2. Hydration of the skin with active cosmoceuticals such as retinoids and hydroxy-acids.
  3. Judicious use of facial resurfacing agents eg chemical peels

What is the difference between cosmetics and cosmoceuticals?

Cosmoceuticals are applied to the skin and have active ingredients that alter and improve the skin. They can only be sold at a medical facility after a formal skin consultation to ensure that the correct products have been recommended. A cosmetic is also applied to the skin with the purpose of improving its appearance, but by government regulation, cannot cause real, permanent effects. A cosmoceutical may contain the same key ingredients as a cosmetic, but they will be more active as the ingredients are in higher concentration and they will be in a preparation that allows the ingredients to more deeply penetrate your skin. Cosmoceuticals are not drugs and do not need a prescription.

What products make a difference to my skin?

The rejuvenation of skin with topically applied products is a highly researched area. There is good evidence to support the use of vitamin A based products (retinoids), hydroxy acids and antioxidants. A skin consultation with our Clinical Nurse Consultant, Shanne Taylor, will help explain the proven benefits of these ingredients and the correct combination of products for your skin.

At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we use products from the Jan Marini range and our own evidence based, Australian produced skin care, Southern Skin.  Jan Marini is a widely used, American skin care range that is based on scientifically proven treatment. Our doctors extensively researched the range of cosmoceuticals offered in Australia, and found the Jan Marini range to be superior for its ease of use and excellent product range. The skincare patients at Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have consistently reported good results from the Five Step management system and have been pleased to find that this is often less expensive than their old cosmetic regime

What is a facial peel?

A facial peel removes the top layer of skin with medical grade acids for the purpose of improving the quality of your skin. Facial peels are graded according to the strength of acid used and the depth of skin “peeled” away. Correspondingly, the effects seen on the skin reflect the depth of peel. A light peel will improve your skin’s hydration and texture. A deep peel will also remove fine wrinkles, pre-cancers (acitinic keratoses) and some pigmentation spots. The skin regenerates rapidly after a light peel, becoming pink within 24 hours, but appearing refreshed and smoother after one week. Light to medium peels are performed by our Clinical Nurse Consultant in the procedure room of Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. A deep peel requires a general anaesthetic and is usually performed in conjunction with other cosmetic surgical procedures by our surgeons in an accredited hospital facility.