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Body lift

A belt lipectomy or total body lift is an operation usually performed in patients who have lost large amounts of weight and are left with sagging skin at the lower abdomen, hips and lower back area. It is the best operation to tighten the lower body across its entire circumference. A body lift also has the advantage of lifting the outer thigh and mons pubis areas. Most massive weight loss patients experience significant buttock deflation. A body lift can accentuate buttock flattening, and is therefore best combined with gluteal (buttock) augmentation.

The Procedure

A lower body lift is a 5-6 hour operation performed under general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital. Dr Sanki will carefully draw the incision plans on the patient’s skin before they are anaesthetised. The operation then begins with the patient in the prone (face down) position to allow excess skin and fat from the lower back and buttock area to be removed. At this point, a “purse-string gluteoplasty” can be performed. This operation improves the projection and shape of the buttock area by contouring the patient’s existing lower back skin and fat into hemi-spherical flaps. The flaps are then tucked under the buttock skin, and the wounds are carefully closed.

The patient is then carefully turned to lie on their back while they are still anaesthetised. A classic or fleur de lis abdominoplasty will then complete the operation by removing excess lower abdominal skin, tightening the six pack muscle and reshaping and repositioning the belly button.

Recovery from Lower Body lift surgery

Most patients require 5-6 nights in hospital following this operation and are able to return to work after 3 weeks. While in hospital, a team of physiotherapists, nurses and anaesthetists will help guide the patient’s recovery. An abdominal binder is used to compress the skin flap down onto the muscle wall in its new location. This helps to reduce swelling and drainage. Drains are removed before the patient goes home.