The History of Plastic Surgery

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The plastic surgery procedures that we see in modern day medicine have evolved over thousands of years. We have witnessed the enhancement of technologies, and the fine tuning of operations.

Here is an overview of the rich history of plastic surgery:

Ancient Egypt

Plastic surgery is at least as old as Ancient Egypt, it came prior to things like anaesthesia and antiseptics by several periods. The Edwin Smith Papyrus is the oldest known medical text that discusses surgical reconstructive procedures after trauma. The reconstructive efforts of the ancient Egyptians gave birth to rhinoplasty, and therefore the text is usually considered to contain the earliest known mention of plastic surgery.

World War I and World War II

Plastic surgery operations have been present for thousands of years to reconstruct people’s faces after trauma. However, the specialty became better defined during World War I and World War II, to help give soldiers back their dignity by restoring the appearance of their face and functioning of their limbs. From this era came the idea that plastic surgery restores body positivity and confidence by improving function as well as appearance.

Many of the modern operations that are undertaken to improve appearance were also born out of operations to reconstruct cancer and trauma. For example, fat grafting was initially devised to fill the defects in peoples faces after explosions had caused major damage to their facial features. In modern plastic surgery, fat grafting is used to enhance women’s breasts, buttocks and faces.

Modern Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery really started to transform in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, as there were many significant scientific developments during this time. Silicone was a newly found substance that was growing in popularity as a staple for particular plastic surgery procedures. Initially, silicone was used to treat skin imperfections, then, in 1962, Dr. Thomas Cronin created and unveiled a new breast implant devise that was made from silicone. Over the next decade or so, silicone implants continued to be developed for use in various parts of the face and body.

Plastic Surgery Today

It was in the 2000’s that cosmetic surgery saw a rise in popularity, and medical advances have made impossible procedures possible. Due to modern day communications and technologies, we are now able to view information about any kind of plastic surgery procedures from the comfort of our own homes. Currently, the most current trend in plastic surgery is to move towards less invasive procedures designed to warn off any visible signs of aging, including the use of facial wrinkle fillers, most notably, Botox.

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