The Role of Exercise and Lifestyle in Maintaining Breast Lift Results

By November 21, 2023News

Many people seek to enhance their quality of life by sculpting their bodies into more natural and aesthetically pleasing shapes. Whether the procedure removes loose skin or repositions the breasts into a more natural position, the results are often a confidence boost that lasts a lifetime,

However, the journey doesn’t end in the operating room; maintaining the results requires a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. At Southern Aesthetic, our aim is to always ensure that our patients are equipped with all they need to lead a healthy lifestyle, and maintain the results from their surgery.

Understanding the Dynamics

Breast lift results are influenced by exercise and lifestyle choices. However, we also must factor in the possibility of fluctuating in weight, and the inevitable effects of aging. Recognising these factors and taking proactive measures to mitigate them is crucial for understanding how to preserve the effects of breast lift surgery.

Weight Fluctuations and Their Consequences

It’s normal for our body weight to fluctuate, usually within a range of five kilograms, so weight fluctuations play a big part in maintaining breast lift results. If you gain weight, the skin that was carefully repositioned during the breast lift may stretch, which will cause the breasts to lose their firmness. For this reason, people contemplating a breast lift should be aware of their weight and maintain a stable figure.

Creating a Positive Mindset

Our main goal is to make people feel better about themselves, by helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset. This isn’t about restrictive diets, but about eating well and exercising frequently. This approach not only benefits your breast lift aesthetics, but it’s also good for your overall wellbeing.

Preparation and Assessment for Body Contouring

A plastic surgeon will determine whether a patient’s weight is stable when considering a procedure like breast lift surgery. It’s usually recommended that the individual has maintained a stable weight for at least six months before undergoing surgery.

Collaborative Efforts for Long-Term Success

The process involves a collaborative effort between the patient and their healthcare team. If there are ongoing challenges related to weight stability, efforts are made to help the individual gain control over these factors before proceeding with body contouring procedures.

Cultivating a Positive Relationship with the Body

You can’t just maintain the results of breast lift surgery; you need to have a positive relationship with your body in order to keep the results. In order to be healthy, you need to exercise, eat well, and make thoughtful choices.

Plastic surgery offers a transformative experience, but its success is intertwined with the choices made in daily life.

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