What do they mean when they say ‘beauty’ over ‘ageing’?

By July 27, 2021News

Ageing gracefully is about choosing graceful beauty, every decade of a women’s life sees structural changes of the face from the skin down to the bone. For instance, attempting to restore a 50-year-old woman’s face to look like her 20-year-old daughter would seem unharmonious as it disrespects the anatomical changes that a woman’s face is going through.

We believe that plastic surgery should enhance the beauty that our patients already have. At Southern Aesthetics, we ensure that when our patients undergo plastic surgery, it assists in helping them age more gracefully whilst maintaining their youthful beauty.

Here are the most common types of plastic surgery that enhance facial beauty:

Face Lift

A facelift surgery is an operation that tightens facial skin and the underlying muscles. Facelift is a term used to describe a combination of procedures including cheek, eyelid surgery, brow, and neck lift. All these surgeries can be performed separately or together.

Brow Lift

A browlift re-positions and recontours the eyebrows so that they youthfully frame the eyes. A browlift is the term given for many different operations that enhance the appearance of the forehead, eyebrows, and eyes by smoothing wrinkles, repositioning, and reshaping the eyebrows and lifting heavy skin and the outer corner of the eyes.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery addresses the aging of the eyelids, which can improve vision and provide a fresher, brighter and more youthful appearance. The signs of ageing around the eye are anatomically complex, however they can display a dramatic and impressive improvement with surgery.

Neck lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery elevates and tightens the skins and the underlying platysma muscle to restore the youthful angle of your neck and sharpen the jawline. All necks age with time, and some age more quickly, which can seem out of proportion with the person’s character. A neck lift is often performed in unison with a facelift to maximise the patient’s improvement in their appearance.

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