What to Expect During Your Body Contouring Surgery Consultation: Tips for a Successful Appointment

By May 22, 2023News

Body contouring surgery is an excellent option for those who want to achieve their desired body shape after massive weight loss. Medical studies have shown that this can boost your confidence and self-esteem by removing excess skin and fat from specific areas of the body.

However, before surgery, you need to book a consultation appointment with a surgeon. The consultation appointment is a crucial step in the surgery process as it helps the surgeon understand your needs and expectations.

Here are some tips for a successful body contouring surgery consultation:

First and foremost, it’s worthwhile to note that our plastic surgery clinic will send you information about the surgery to read up on beforehand. This will give you an idea of what to expect during the consultation and help you prepare a list of questions to ask your surgeon. It’s always a wise idea to look at the clinic’s website to learn more about the procedures we offer and to make a list of questions that are relevant to you. The Australian Medical Board also legally require that you speak to your GP for a referral letter. You will then have a virtual consultation with the Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery nurse. She will take your history and let you know what tests or specialists’ letters you might need to proceed safely with surgery.

The consultation itself usually takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. You’ll spend the first 45 minutes completing paperwork and discussing your medical history with the surgeon. This is a vital step, as it helps the surgeon understand your needs and concerns, as well as any other medical problems you may have. The surgeon will also discuss what you can expect during the recovery period.

After this initial consultation, you’ll spend another 15 to 30 minutes with a surgical coordinator who will go through the process and financial consent. This is a good time to ask any additional questions you may have. In addition, you should make sure you fully understand the financial implications of the procedure.

It’s important to arrive at your appointment on time and with plenty of time to find parking and come to the office. Our clinic provides parking information on our website to help you plan your visit.

When preparing for your consultation, bring any referral letters and investigations relevant to your procedure. For example, if you have a heart condition, you should bring a letter from your cardiologist for the surgeon’s safety. If you’re considering breast surgery, bring your latest mammogram or ultrasound.

Preparing well for the consult means you’ll get the most out of the experience as you’ll be relaxed and have a definitive plan because the surgeon will have all the information. It’s also important to note that an experienced plastic surgeon will look after the patient holistically, including their psychological well-being. If the surgeon senses that there are issues with anxiety or body image that would be better addressed by working with a psychologist, they will refer you to one.

A successful body contouring surgery consultation requires careful preparation and attention to detail. By reading up on the surgery beforehand, preparing a list of questions, and arriving on time with all the necessary documentation, you’ll be well on your way to achieving an improvement in your body shape. Remember, a skilled plastic surgeon will look after you both physically and psychologically, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek their advice.

At Southern Aesthetic, we provide an effective means of body contouring Sydney-siders trust.

It is very important that you are nutritionally healthy and fit if you intend to undergo body contouring surgery, as it is only possible to perform this surgery once you have reached your goal weight.

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