What we’re doing to keep you safe through COVID-19

By July 7, 2020News

With everything that is going on with the COVID-19 pandemic, you might think there is an additional risk to having plastic surgery done at this moment. However, there is no need to push off your makeover as safeplastic surgery can be done, safely, now. We here at Southern Aesthetic have been taking every step possible to make sure that our services are offered in a safe and efficient manner despite the ongoing crisis. Read what we’re doing below so you can have peace of mind while getting any cosmetic work done.

While we still have face-to-face consultations with patients, Southern Aesthetic has changed its procedure so that we have more phone calls done prior to your first consultation and your hospital admission. You can also complete most of your paperwork online in order to limit the amount of direct contact during your booking process. We also offer the option to have a virtual consultation to keep social distancing intact. By limiting the amount of time you have to leave the house for your surgery, we are making sure spread of COVID-19 isn’t heightened and you stay safe.

Besides limiting the amount of direct contact, Southern Aesthetic is also making plenty of additional changes to how we conduct plastic surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to your operation you will be asked if you have had any contact with someone that has the novel coronavirus. Once you’ve been declared fit for a consultation, you’re allowed to be accompanied by one other person. We have hand sanitizer that can be used upon arrival and ask you to wash your hands before coming. Our team has masks and gloves on while they provide treatment, and we can also give you a mask if needed. Social distancing is employed in our waiting room and throughout the building, and we limit the amount of people allowed inside the clinic.

Any care that is needed after the operation will be done while social distancing. We still have in-clinic care, and we recommend you either come alone or with only one person if necessary. We understand it is a difficult time for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic but we are still committed to improving your self image and helping you be the best possible version of yourself.

The government has lifted all restrictions on elective surgery in NSW and that means we are helping many patients that had their surgeries postponed due to COVID-19. So, there might be a longer wait than normal in getting plastic surgery done. So, go ahead and contact Southern Aesthetic today to learn more about how we are keeping you safe and how we can help you with any plastic surgery needs. We are taking the same precautions as hospitals and are doing everything we can to prevent a second wave of the novel coronavirus spreading. The health of our patients is always our number one priority and the steps we have taken will help ensure that you leave our clinic in great health.

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