Will I experience swelling after breast augmentation surgery?

By April 12, 2021News

Breast augmentation is an operation that can give women the breast size and shape they desire and improve confidence in their appearance.

Most breast augmentation surgery is performed as day surgery and you will instantly see your result. As with any plastic surgery, you should expect a recovery period to help recuperate from your operation.  Once you are through that recovery period life goes back to normal.

What can you expect after breast augmentation surgery?

At Southern Aesthetics we provide a detailed comfort plan to ensure that your recovery is as pain free as possible. Breast augmentation surgery is a significant procedure, if you are unable to organise someone to take you home and care for you on the first day, then it may be best to spend one night in hospital to assist with recovery. Most people that have breast implant surgery can drive, return to work, and gently start exercising after one week, and get back to full exercise after six weeks.

Patients should understand that swelling is a normal response to any kind of surgery, and the duration of swelling after breast augmentation surgery is usually up to three months.  It is important to remember that the joy and benefits of the procedure outweigh the time needed to recover.

What to look out for?

Breast augmentation surgery provides instant improvements in your appearance resulting in a higher self-esteemand a satisfying result. At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery we use only TGA approved, high quality breast implants and meticulous surgical technique. It is important to know that problems such as infection, malposition, capsular contracture and implant leaks can still occur. These issues can vary from minor to significant enough to require further surgery or even replacement or removal of your implants. Breast implants, like any implant in the body (such as joint replacements or pacemakers), will require revisional surgery to maintain the result. If problems with your implants occur, contact your plastic surgeon so they can determine the best course of action to correct the issue.

At Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, our surgeons will listen to your concerns and goals when determining whether breast augmentation surgery is the best course of action. Dr Amira Sanki and Dr Ilias Kotronakis both have extensive experience and highest training in breast augmentation surgery Sydney can offer. They are committed to giving their patients the safest and best treatment available.

Our friendly and experienced team are always at hand to help you, for more information about breast augmentation surgery Sydney, call Southern Aesthetics on 02 9186 8105.

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